May 21 2020

Lets Paint!!!

There is no age limit for colouring and painting. Edible paint is a brilliant idea, it lets children paint from a very young age!. Edible paint is  perfect for children who are more likely to place paint covered fingers into their mouths.😁😅 . It is

May 20 2020

Splish Splash!!!

One play that will always bring smiles😁 on toddlers faces will be The Water Play!!! Children can Splish splash in water for hours 🌊💧. Water play encourages the development of eye/hand coordination through pouring, squeezing, stirring, painting, scrubbing, and squirting. Children strengthen their gross motor

May 19 2020

Paint Party!!!

Children love to paint, colour and draw. These activities give them an opportunity to explore their world of imagination and creativity.🤩😍 So why do we limit children only to colour, paint or draw with pens or crayons?? Its time to think out of the box!!!!🙄😎

May 18 2020

Squishy Squishy Balloons

There are so many different sensory games for children. One of which is the ‘Squishy Balloon Play’!!!.  This sensory play for children is such an important piece in child development. Sensory activities in addition to being fun and interesting for toddlers. These activities encourage children

May 16 2020

Lets roll the Dice

Teaching children the sense of touch can be a little difficult but not impossible.  The sense of touch is a network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin that enable us to feel sensations.  Though touch sensations we feel soft, hard, smooth, rough, hot,

May 14 2020

Magical Bottles

How can you really keep your child engaged for a long time…???? Well, the answer is very simple…. Playing with the ‘Magical Bottles’. These sensory bottles can engage and attract both, the children and adults . The floaty material in these bottles has a calming

May 14 2020

Ready to Goop??

Are you all ready to Goop???? Before we start, let us know what this play is all about. Goop is a softer version of play dough that allows kids to have a sensory experience. Children learn cause and effect when they see when they touch

May 14 2020

Moon Sand

You can have your own sandbox at home😀.You don’t need to go to the beach anymore to explore sand Now isn’t that exciting??? and the best part is, you can also make your own ‘Sand’!!!! We call it as the ‘Moon sand’🤩 because of it’s

May 13 2020

Slimy Slime

Playing with Slime can be very messy 😏😥although, it is a lot more fun as well as important for motor development. Playing with Slime also helps children regulate their emotions and it is one of the best calming activities. Children can stretch and swirl and

May 12 2020

Straws and laces

Are you all ready to to play with straws and laces????😀 .Toddlers love to use their hands to explore their surroundings. This is such a simple toddler activity to set up and is a great way to reuse items you already have at home. You