Tips To Work From Home With Children

Work from home is a boon for everyone. It saves travel time and the snacks/lunch are only as far away as the kitchen. However, it can turn out differently for parents working from home. If you are a new parent or considering a work-from-home job, it may not be all roses. Though the pandemic has created a massive change in everyone’s lifestyle, we have learned to cope up with the change. It can be challenging for parents who need to give their children undivided attention. To juggle your child’s need for attention and meeting the work deadline seems like a dreadful task. But, with a bit of hard work, some planning and lots of flexibility, live online preschool can be a perfect option for many parents.


Here are some tips on how to work from home with children–


  1. Set your priorities

Prioritizing can help you differentiate between the tasks that have to be completed at the earliest and the ones that can wait till the next day. Many parents find it easier when they create a to-do list every week. You could start by putting down your meetings and deadlines. After this, you need to create a list for your child to help accomplish their tasks. It could be helping them do their homework or teach them a new drawing… jot it all down. Next, you need to assign the tasks around the house. Prioritizing the work based on their urgency would give you a clearer view. Sometimes, everything doesn’t go as planned, but you need to tell yourself that it is okay. Try and give extra time for the tasks that you have planned. This way, you will be able to tick off all the work.


  1. Create a schedule-

Schedules can help your children know whether you will be available or not. If your child can read and write, this tip is likely to help you. Jot down all the things you hope to do during assigned hours, as well as what your children need to do. It helps them follow the routine even if you are not around. Make sure you give your child frequent breaks or they may get irritated. Include activities that you would do with your child when you are available. Activities like baking, playing a board game or watering the plants would help you spend some quality time together.


  1. Work when your child is asleep

Sleep time for children is an advantage to parents. Most of the parents get a lot of work done during these hours. When your toddler is taking a nap in the afternoon, this allows you to have uninterrupted time to concentrate on your work. Make sure you utilize this time to get all the essential tasks done and save these hours of the day that require your complete attention.


  1. Plan activities for your child

Some children can keep themselves occupied, while some others need help. Planning activities for your child ahead of time can help your busy day flow smoothly. For younger children, activities like playing with dough, stacking Lego blocks or taking a bubble bath can keep them occupied. When it comes to older children, activities like watching a painting tutorial on YouTube, attending an online class with other children, or indulging in some hobby keep them engaged. Still thinking about activities that suit your child? We got you. Check this out-

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  1. Reward your child for co-operating-

Children are likely to do things when they are in for praise or a reward. You can appreciate your child for being good by saying little things like thank you at the end of the day or letting them know how much you appreciate something they did while tucking them into bed. The assurance would uplift them and make them happy. You can also reward them for their best behaviour during your work with hugs or a kiss on the cheek.


  1. Communicate often

Communication is essential in any relationship. The hardest part is to introspect. If you find it exhausting to balance work and home, talk about it. You can either seek help from your partner to share the work or explain how you feel to your child and come up with solutions. It would lift the weight off your shoulders and help you strain less.



Being a working parent can be challenging and exhausting. Understand that it is challenging and be easy on yourself. Though you may not be able to tick off everything planned, you should acknowledge the ones you have and should focus on that. You and only you know that it wasn’t easy.  So give yourself credit every time you complete a task and never beat yourself up! Also at such time Virtual Schooling can also help you to keep your busy a lot.


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