Our Vision

We are a team of highly motivated individuals, managing the most preferred chain of preschools in early childhood education by engaging the children in experiential learning and with the usage of latest technology. We partner with parents and treat them as active participants in the development of their children, resulting in the creation of an unyielding foundation for children to carve out their future.

Our Mission

The mission at Jumpstart International Preschool and Learning Center is to focus on the holistic growth and development of the child and to provide quality education to children and provide a safe and nurturing environment where children are comfortable to learn in.

Our Approach

We Endear

Building connect_Jumpstart

Jumpstart International Preschool believes that every child is unique and special in their own little ways. Each of them is a blessing to our society and we endear them the way they are.

We Enlighten

Building connect_Jumpstart

We at Jumpstart International Preschool affirm that children are tomorrow’s future and need to be given the right knowledge at the right time. Preserving their different learning styles and pace we enlighten them to become better global citizens.

We Enliven


Children are a treasure house of sympathy, kindness, generosity, curiosity, love, innocence and happiness. Our effort at Jumpstart International Preschool is to enliven our children to unlock this treasure.

How is Jumpstart Unique and Different?

Holistic development of children

Hands-on learning through a variety of experiences

Regular parent-teacher interactions

Strong parent partnership

Use of latest technology

A healthy mix of the best teaching pedagogies

360-degree program

Passionate and motivated team

1:8 educator-child ratio

Observation through photo and video documentation

Nutritious and wholesome meals

Live kitchen garden

Tailor-made and child-friendly premises

State-of-the-art play equipment and infrastructure

Well lit and air-conditioned classrooms

Safe, secured, hygienic and happy environment

CCTV surveillance

Easily accessible

Awarded as the best preschool multiple times

Preserves uniqueness of every child

Development based curriculum not age-based

One-of-a-kind After School Program

Unique Early Childhood Expert Program

Engaging Parent Toddler Program