360 Degree Program

3600 Full Day Preschool Program

Jumpstart is the best preschool in Pune. It believes that every child has unlimited potential. This potential just needs to be explored. We do this by exposing the child to age-appropriate activities. According to Dr. Howard Gardner, every child has 9 varied types of intelligences. The 360 degree program or the full day preschool indulges the child in a multitude of activities.  These activities result in the integrated development of the child.

3600 Program
Half day

360-degree program is a full-day preschool. Here every activity is for a longer duration. It keeps the inquisitiveness of the child alive. The program is a mix of multiple intelligence activities like Lego education, music and moment, foreign language, speech and drama, culinary, sensorial, physical and creative activities.


The 360-degree program is a preschool for 6 to 7.5 hours allowing the child to spend more time with the educator and peers. This results in the blossoming of a special connection and bond between them. This also leads to a better, accurate and more detailed evaluation of the child.

Schedule and Meals

The full-day preschool takes care of the entire day’s meals. This includes lunch, milk, evening snacks and fruits. Children also relax for 45 mins in the afternoon.

Transition to formal schooling

This schedule prepares the child for long hours at primary school. After this program, they are ready to enter the first grade. Homework is also taken care of at the full-day preschool. So, the time spent at school is just appropriate to help develop the child holistically.


Eligibility: 2 years to 3 years


  • Building of a strong and positive self-concept
  • Self-care and independence
  • Motor Development
  • Exposure to different sensorial activities
360˚ Plus09.00am-07.00pm


Eligibility: 3 years to 4 years


  • Social development
  • Development of interpersonal intelligence
  • Fostering musical intelligence
360˚ Plus09.00am-07.00pm

Junior KG

Eligibility: 4 years to 5 years


  • Vocabulary enhancement
  • Basic computer skills
  • Focus on bodily-kinesthetic intelligence
  • Working with indigenous material
360˚ Plus09.00am-07.00pm

Senior KG

Eligibility: 5 years to 6 years


  • Upgradation of logical-mathematical skills
  • Exploration of spatial intelligence
  • Awareness of intrapersonal skills
  • Development of naturalist intelligence
360˚ Plus09.00am-07.00pm
Program Fee
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