Wow Moments

Parent: Priya Sahani
Child: Kavir Sahani Verma

I am really happy with the way Chirpy Heads Parent Toddler sessions are conducted, making sure the child’s interest is intact. There are new activities in every session so that the child doesn’t feel bored and repetitive. Unique rhyme session, flashcard time, inculcating reading, sensory play, motor skill development, all areas are covered per the developmental cycle. Also every child gets one to one attention and engagement in all activities due to limited number of children. Kavir is always eager to attend the session and enjoys them throughly.

Thankful and grateful for the sessions!

Parent: Mamta Bhatia
Child: Mia Bhatia

I enrolled Mia to Jumpstart Baner Branch while she was 1.5 years old. It’s been less than a year and I already see her communicating fluently, mingling with others and expressing herself well which also makes our lives as parents much easier.
Being born in Covid times is a huge setback for children and especially impacted their social interaction skills; thanks to Jumpstart, I didn’t face this problem with Mia.
Also the new facility is truly amazing with an adequate amount of toys, books, infrastructure and a super supportive staff.
My special thanks to all the teachers for driving this institution for shaping these little humans in the right fashion.

Parent: Sneha Lahoti
Child: Reet Rinan Lahoti

True..First of all hats off to the teachers and mausi for handling so many kids and it’s really incredible..At this age Rinan knows A-Z with phonics sound, 1-50, Hindi 1-15, all shapes, animals, colors, Jan-Dec, Sun- Sat, He says lot poems..He tries to make sentences..He at this age tries to tell everything about what he did in school..Really hats off Team Jumpstart for making him enjoy his school so much..

Parent: Alisha Anthony
Child: Jaydn Solomon

I would like to thank Team Jumpstart, Nyati County for the wonderful care and teaching lessons to my child Jaydn as well as many other children studying in Jumpstart. You certainly have impacted their life in all positive ways.
Jadyn has come a long way in the past six months. He now knows colors,numbers, and is communicating the same after coming back home which he was not doing earlier. He also has an interest of animals which he used to enjoy only gazing in the books which I got him but now he is recognises them and trying to pronounce their names too.
Thank you very much for the team time and energy and the efforts being put in on each and every child to help them grow holistically.

Parent: Shilpi Kaswa
Child: Shaarav Kaswa

Shaarav joined Jumpstart in the month of February’22 that time looking at the situation I was skeptical whether he’s gonna settle in school or no but thanks to the support I got from staff that now shaarav is all settled in school. Infact I am happy that In play group he’s confidently speaking A-Z , 1-50, recognises all shapes , animals , colours. The best part was when on a random day he started speaking Jan to dec (without missing a single month ) and Monday to Sunday. He also loves singing his infini prayer and national anthem. He missed his school terribly in Christmas holidays which shows his love for Jumpstart !!
Many Thanks to teachers for all the efforts put in on my child as well as children studying in Jumpstart.

Parent: Samina Ahmad
Child: Yunus Ahmad

Big thanks to whole jumpstart team for moulding my son very well. We can see Immense development after joining Jumpstart. Thank you Teacher’s for being very friendly with Yunus the way you handling my extra energetic kid is really appreciable, hat’s off to you!!
Now he is not hesitating to talk anybody also he quit to colour walls.
Thank you for working on this..
Once again Thank you entire team of Jumpstart for being supportive and friendly, keep it up .

Parent: Nandita Chauhan
Child: Reet Chauhan & Vardaan Chauhan

Being a first time working mom to twins was a huge challenge until I made the decision to enrol Reet and Vardaan at Jumpstart Baner. They were a tender 1.5 years old when I enrolled them to the learning center. We were so lucky that all the teachers and helpers took care of our children like their own. It’s been more than a year now and I have seen such remarkable development in my preemie kids in terms of communication, knowledge as well as physical activity. They both love going to Jumpstart everyday and it has given me an opportunity to keep my career going. We are very grateful to the whole team for all the love, care and patience. Thank you, Jumpstart! ❤️

Parent: Sonia Gupta
Child: Enaya Gupta

We got our daughter admitted in senior kg and within 6-7 months we saw positive habits being developed in her. She picked up communicating in english and got into the habit of sharing things. Teachers involve them in various activities and children learn by doing it.
Slowly she has started talking about table manners which she learnt from the school itself.
Apart from the face-to-face meeting, her teacher Nirupa Ma’am gives almost day to day feedback on what she did – where she needs help and what interest she is developing in herself.

It has been an amazing experience with Jumpstart Team and the entire team is very supportive and always focus on keeping the children learn fast.

Parent: Shraddha Shinde
Child: Sowmika Shinde

One of the best decision we took for our little daughter Sowmika is to enroll her at Jumpstart.. So much care, attention and love. Thank u Aneeta and team to make my life easy; because in the background I know that she is in the safe hands with all of you. She has become confident and knows the facts very clear that are addressed in all the activities. She loves to be at school and loves all the teachers and activities everyday. Thank you for teaching her the importance of discipline and good manners. Thank u Jumpstart, Team Baner. Lots of love.

Parent: Gayatri Shalgar
Child: Prisha Shalgar

I would like to thank Team Jumpstart for the love, care and support they give to each child at their centre.
Have been a witness to this with respect to my child. Prisha joined Jumpstart Learning centre when she was just 1.2 years just to have social interaction and to be used to staying without me. But seeing the amount of attention and care your child gets at Jumpstart we took admission in Playgroup and since then there is no looking back. At this age she can recognise all alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours.
Would like to thank whole team of Jumpstart for giving me this wow moment.Can’t thank you all enough for this.

Pranjali Agashe - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Pranjali Agashe
Child: Rihan Agashe

Rihan likes to scribble, doodle, paint and colour a lot. He also enjoys arranging blocks in sequence from the time he turned 1. Earlier he used to put all the blocks in single or multiple sequences and could not make 3D shapes. But recently, when I gifted him the 3D blocks and shapes, he has started creating houses, ship, school, bed, chair like furniture shapes in 3D. Now he enjoys creating 3D forms. This is my Wow Moment when I realized how Jumpstart gives him hands-on experience even in the simplest thing like making shapes.

Neha Godbole - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Neha Godbole
Child: Jay Godbole

Jay has always been a naughty one. But teachers told him once that he too has to take care of his younger classmates. Ever since then, he has become very caring and sensitive. Two qualities that I feel are a must for all boys. Thank you for teaching him compassion and gratitude. This was truly a Wow Moment for me.

Parent: Neha Kavade
Child: Virom Kavade

First of all, I would like to thank Jumpstart for creating an amazing environment at school for children. We have been associated with Jumpstart for around 3 years now and I have observed noticeable improvements in Virom’s verbal communication, writing skills, cognitive development, physical development etc… the list is very big! So once again, thank you so very much to the entire Jumpstart team, especially his class and learning centre teachers and caregivers for always encouraging him to try out his different skills🙏

Shilpa Patil - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Shilpa Patil
Child: Asmi Patil

Recently Asmi and I had visited a saree shop. While I was busy checking out the collection, Asmi sat near the sales counter and not only she chose a saree for me but also negotiated with the salesperson on the price and gave a final punchline “kuch toh discount kar ke dijiye”. It was truly the WOW moment for me to see how quickly our little ones observe and apply it in their daily lives. Thank you Jumpstart for giving Asmi an exposure through various visits and learning tours about how to deal with daily chores.

Parent: Bhagyashree Deshpande
Child: Nitya Deshpande

JUMPSTART: It’s very true to its name. It’s definitely a big jump-start to a child’s 360 development. We enrolled Nitya when she was 18 months old and it’s been 6 months now. We have seen huge differences in her behaviour, development and especially in her speech. A huge hats off to the entire team of Jumpstart educators as well as caregivers who put their whole heart, efforts and endless love and care for the children. We as parents are lucky to find a home away from home.

Parent: Mugdha Pradhan
Child: Advait Pradhan

Advait started going to Jumpstart Learning Center when he was only 1.5 years old. We are thankful to the team for taking such good care of our little boy. We noticed a remarkable improvement in his vocabulary, social interaction and also eating habits post joining Jumpstart. That is why we also enrolled him in preschool and he is already reciting all the alphabets, can count items and identifies a lot of colours and shapes. They say it takes a village to raise a child, the team at Jumpstart Baner is doing just that for us. Thanks a lot!

Parent: Suvarna Mundhe
Child: Samaira Mundhe

I enrolled Samaira at Jumpstart Learning Center when she was an infant of 9 months and ever since there is no looking back!
In just a few weeks, I have noticed so many positive developments in her, like eating by herself, responding better when spoken to, socializing etc.
The teachers and caregivers are very loving and diligent which made it easier for Samaira to settle and now she looks forward to going to the Learning Center every single day!
As a first time and working mom, Jumpstart has been one of the best decisions I have made for Samaira and myself…Totally happy and highly recommended!

Parent: Gayatri Kelkar
Child: Vedadnya Rakesh

There are too many Wow moments since Vedadnya started learning at Jumpstart! He has become more social, disciplined, active, energized and is always very happy! One moment I recollect instantly is from his initial days at the Jumpstart Learning Center. As a part of our daily sleep routine, I sing bedtime songs for him. One day, I started singing “Vande Mataram ” in a low tone in order to make him sleep. He was about to sleep when he jumped and sat on my lap and said, “Stand up, stand up, it’s Vande Mataram, don’t move!” I was so surprised and obviously proud of my son that even in half sleep he knew that we should be paying respect to the nation! All this credit goes to Jumpstart and his favourite teacher Rutuja ma’am! Such small things definitely make a big difference and impact these small minds. Thank you Jumpstart!

Kunal Singh - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Kunal Singh
Child: Kiara Singh

Kiara always loved singing rhymes and songs in regional languages as well. She has also started playing in the sandpit which is a pleasant surprise because she is used to never getting dirty. Thank you Jumpstart teachers and caregivers for all the fruitful efforts and giving Kiara opportunities for sensory experiences.

Priyanka Lodha - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Priyanka Lodha
Child: Jiyaan Lodha

The wow moment is when Jiyaan corrected the lyrics of the song Wheels of the bus. He said the teacher says “Mumma on the bus goes chitter chatter chatter” and I was insisting that it is “Papa on the bus goes chitter chatter chatter”. Jumpstart facilitates the correct information and their method of teaching is age appropriate.

Building connect_Jumpstart
Parent: Sneha Mehta
Child: Samar Mehta

We had a Wow Moment when I made a BURGER at home and Samar just didn’t want to have the same as he had learnt burger is a junk food at Jumpstart. He started crying that he is allowed to eat only healthy food. Adding on to this, he did not even let his father pick up a burger on one of our out-station trips. We had a great feeling and we all enjoyed the moment.

Parent: Anupama Puri
Child: Agastya Puri

Agastya comes home every day narrating stories about how much fun it is to go to school & do activities. Special applaud to Ekta and Monika teacher. Their connect with Agastya is so much so that all our extended family members know them by name 😊 Jumpstart’s play-based learning approach is amazing. Parent partnership is another aspect through which you get to know the school environment and the learning style in person. Thank you for instilling this love of learning into our child. It has been such a pleasure watching him grow this year.

Ruchi Duggal - Jumpstart Preschool Parent Testimonial
Parent: Ruchi Duggal
Child: Darsh Duggal

Darsh has started using his golden words of gratitude very often. To every help he says “Thank you” and to every thank you he replies “Welcome”. It is so wonderful to hear it from little Darsh. He clearly remembered that Raksha Bandhan and a day before expressed in a sweet voice “Tomorrow is Raksha Bandhan and Didi will tie a rakhi on my wrist”. These are few of the many WOW moments that we have had with Darsh.

Parent: Gayatri Datar
Child: Vedang Datar

I love the innovative ways in which the Chirpy Heads Parent Toddler Program is designed and activities are conducted. There is a set routine and flow but the activities are always unique and different. I am glad that I decided to join Chirpy Heads in association with Jumpstart!
I equally enjoy attending the sessions as a mother & hope it will serve as a great learning experience for Vedang before joining Playgroup.

Parent: Amita & Ashwin Chandak
Child: Anaaya Chandak

Anaaya right from day 1 till date has never denied to go to Jumpstart and the reason is JUMPSTART has varied welcome activities for children on a daily basis. This helps to draw their attention and also engages them. Thank you team Jumpstart for making the parents work of dropping their children to school easier😊

Parent: Mamta Pakhare
Child: Dhananjay Pakhare

Initially I was hesitant about Dhananjay’s adjustment in school. But as time passed, I was amazed to see changes in his behavior. He loves his teachers (both learning center and school) and all his caregivers. I always love the way each one welcomes him to school from welcomer to teachers and caregivers, and the same when it’s time to go back home. When it comes to academics, the teachers are perfect in teaching and Dhanajay just loves it. I am grateful to Team Jumpstart for always giving so much love and affection to Dhananjay. Keep the great work going! Kudos…

Parent: Nikita Dedge
Child: Shayaan Dedge

It is indeed a blissful experience to have my son in Jumpstart. I can see the physical as well as academic changes in him which are helping him to be a better person. We are so happy with our child’s progress and appreciate the timely updates from the school. I would have enrolled my child until his further education if the preschool had a high school!

Parent: Jayshree Kamble
Child: Tanishq Kamble

My son got admitted to Jumpstart in Playgroup in 2020, yes the COVID time! At that time, the hardest part about attending school was the classes being online which was new for everyone. However, all teachers made that a simple and enjoyable journey. We saw Tanishq transition from a shy and introvert boy to a confident and happy toddler. The teachers were always available and genuinely committed to exploring his full potential. (Special recognition to Sayali, Rakshita, Gulzar and Mansi) and big shoutout for fabulous Saloni Teacher. Saloni is always very open to parental feedback and makes sincere efforts to implement recommendations. The family-like atmosphere meant that everyone knew each other. The school maintains strong safety standards and an impressive level of hygiene. I would strongly recommend Jumpstart for those seeking quality education at an affordable cost. The values, good manners and discipline that the school emphasizes are an added bonus. Most importantly my child was extremely happy during his time here and I am confident that the friendships that were forged over the years will be lasting bonds.

Parent: Hemangi Kokate
Child: Maahi Kokate

Jumpstart is a school with lots of fun activities and also good learning for Maahi. She loves going to school and is always excited about going to school. Glamping event was a WOW moment for me and her both. The creativity, uniqueness and decoration setup was superb. The children had lots of fun and could spend hours enjoying the activities.

Parent: Prachi Patil
Child: Vivan Patil

Vivan has always been excited to go to school. There have been a lot of moments which were so special for Vivan, but I would say that all the events conducted by the school have been amazing, joyous and fun. Face to Face meetings with the teachers are best, because they not only give accurate reflections on academics but also the overall development of the child and how to work around challenges.

Parent: Pranoti Deshmukh
Child: Ovi Ambegaonkar

Ovi has always been excited to go to school. There have been a lot of moments which were so special for Ovi, but the most amazing event was Grand Parents day with a lot of joyous, and fun activities and it was a very well arranged event.
The teachers put a lot of efforts in Annual day practice for these little ones that gives them confidence to perform so well on the stage.

Parent: Priyanka Hingmire
Child: Advik Hingmire

Loved the idea of celebrating Grandparents day in a very unique manner. The decor and activities planned were clearly portraying the NOW and THEN concept which Advik was very happy to attend with his grandparents. Looking forward to many more events at Jumpstart.

Parent: Jyoti Bhatt
Child: Dhiyara Bhatt

Just after 15 days of joining Jumpstart, Dhiyara was so happy that she would refuse to go back home. That’s when I felt WOW about it as a mother.

Parent: Nikhil Mundhe
Child: Samaira Mundhe

Chirpy Heads Parent Toddler Program is the first ever social experience for Samaira in a formal setup and I must say it has been one of the best decisions we have taken.
I am glad how this program is not limited to mother-toddler but me, as a father, can also participate.
I get to spend quality time with my daughter and it’s something we both look forward to!
The activities are so well thought, perfectly designed and innovative.
Very impressed with Chirpy Heads and a big thank you to Jumpstart!

Parent: Sneha Thorat
Child: Suhani Aher

Sending my child Suhani to Jumpstart for 360 degree program has been one of the best decisions of my life. My child settled so early and seamlessly in Jumpstart. The teachers, caregivers and the whole staff are so committed and loving that children are genuinely attached to them. There is so much improvement in my child in all aspects; be it communication or eating habits. Earlier a picky eater, she now eats everything independently and these changes are just in a span of 3-4 months. I will be eternally grateful to the team of Jumpstart for nurturing my child with so much affection.

Parent: Kalpana Khedekar
Child: Jai Khedekar

My wow moment is when Jai started to gel with his classmates in Jumpstart and now enjoys going to school. Jumpstart has really helped in this process. Sincere thanks to the entire team for their constant effort and hard work.

Parent: Ruchika Jain
Child: Hiya Jain

We were looking for an out-of-the-box and warm environment for Hiya as she was not comfortable with the traditional schooling methodology. The team at Jumpstart Kalyani Nagar has really helped Hiya to evolve as a unique and cheerful personality. We are thankful to her teachers for making the school hours a happy time for her. We feel relaxed and satisfied that she feels safe and happy at school.

Parent: Nikita Lokhande
Child: Shreeram Lokhande

On our anniversary, Shreeram made a greeting card, decorated it and wrote messages wishing us. He has done everything on his own without taking help from anyone else. Thank you Team Jumpstart for teaching children so many things and helping them out to be more confident and independent. You all are helping hands for us. Thank you and love you all!