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The topmost reason why women leave the workforce and the number 1 thing that women want from employer is a childcare facility.

How does a child care facility benefit the corporate or the employer?

As per Amended Maternity Benefit Act 2017, a crèche facility is mandatory for every establishment employing 50 or more employees within a prescribed distance, either separately or along with common facilities. Government issued multiple RTI’s clarifying that ‘Crèche’ by definition is an employer sponsored benefit which means employer need to fully or predominantly fund the benefit. Non-compliance results in imprisonment/ community service for Directors or fines.

A childcare facility helps to maintain the gender diversity and the skilled work force with the organization by having a crèche near the office, within a distance of 500 meters or onsite within the premise. Providing a childcare is a REAL ENABLE for GENDER DIVERSITY

How does this partnership benefit the parent or the employee?


Either of the parent and specially the women are able to join the workforce and improve the productivity and efficiency at work


It is an added benefit when the company co-shares the cost or fully pays up for the childcare facility


The returning mother is permitted to visit the crèche 4 times during the day which will include the interval of rest allowed to her

Why Jumpstart Childcare Services?

Child safety and

Stringent safety and hygiene protocols are in place at the center

Food And Meal Plan

Meal plans specially designed by a child nutritionist and freshly cooked warm meals are served to children

Nursing Provision

A nursing mother can come as and when needed to feed the child

Child Adult
Supervision Ratio

We have a healthy ratio of 8 children to 1 adult

Staff And Teacher

Teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education and are continuously upskilled

Child Development

The curriculum designed is age appropriate with hands on activities

Reporting To Parents

Parents are regularly updated on the activities, meals and other details about the child through photo, video and written documentation on a daily basis

Emergency Services

Doctors on call are available and tie ups with nearby hospitals. The first aid kit is in place for any untoward incidence

This is how you can partner with us


This is setting up of the Jumpstart childcare center inside the corporate premises


This is a formal tie up with an already existing set up of Jumpstart (in the radius of 3-5 kms from the workplace)

Access near home

This is providing information and a formal tie up for employees to allow them access to any of the existing set up of Jumpstart nearer to their homes

Child care vouchers

Allows flexibility to use as per employees choice whenever they need it

What our happy parents say about us?