Teaching Methodologies

Teaching Pedagogy

We at Jumpstart International Preschool focus on the holistic development of children instilling curiosity and allowing them to learn naturally and creatively. Teaching methodologies are given a lot of importance as they are very essential for a child’s development. Preschool education is all about working on the inter-dependency of all the sensitive phases that a child goes through during the early years.

Physical Development

Language Development

Cognitive Development

Emotional Development

Social Development

Moral Development

Creative Development

Spiritual Development

The teaching methodologies at Jumpstart are:

Play Way method     |     Montessori method     |     Multiple Intelligence method
Project method     |     Glenn Doman method     |     Experiential learning

Experiential Learning (John Dewey)

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Experiential learning is the process of gaining knowledge through indulging in experiences and is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”. Hands on learning allows children to experience and learn concepts first-hand through various preschool activities through observations and interactions.
Jumpstart ensures that preschool education is all about experiences. We have 60+ experiential events conducted throughout the year as a part of the preschool activities to give diverse and assorted hands on experiences to children. Children learn by actually doing and being a part of these elaborate events, which accumulate learning across various themes and topics.

Teaching Methodology

Preschool education at Jumpstart is based on 5 varied methodologies. The unique parts of these 5 methods are used to design our unique curriculum.

Montessori Method

This method allows natural and free-flowing development of the children in a well-prepared environment with emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, heterogeneous grouping and sensory exploration.

Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori - Montessori Teaching Methodology at Jumpstart Preschool Pune

Project Method

This methodology allows the children to explore and experience their environment through the five senses. Children are directed to learn by their individual interests rather than by rote and memorization. It focuses on solving purposeful problems.

William H. Kilpatrick

William H. Kilpatrick - Project Teaching Method at Jumpstart Preschool Pune

Play-way Method

This is based on the “power of play” and the child’s natural curiosity and tendency to “make-believe”. Through this method children learn more efficiently and gain more knowledge with play-based preschool activities such as free play, dramatic play, art and social games.

Friedrich Froebel

Friedrich Froebel - Play Way Method at Jumpstart Preschool Pune

Glenn Doman Method

Jumpstart has adopted this method to systematically build language and mathematic skills in children. The learning happens through flashcards of specific size, colour and dimensions.

Glenn Doman

Glenn Doman - Glenn Doman Teaching Method at Jumpstart Preschool Pune

Multiple Intelligence Approach

This approach states that every human being has 9 different intelligences. This unique combination of learning styles can be identified, nurtured & strengthened through various preschool activities.

Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner - Multiple Intelligence Approach at Jumpstart Preschool Pune
Mother Goose Time | Jumpstart Preschool Pune

Mother Goose Time is a development-based, rather than age-based curriculum. It uniquely weaves 33 research-based skills into playful games and projects resulting in children naturally growing in all domains of development. It empowers both educators and children to experience learning through creative expression, play and open-ended discovery.

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