Lets Paint!!!


There is no age limit for colouring and painting. Edible paint is a brilliant idea, it lets children paint from a very young age!.

Edible paint is  perfect for children who are more likely to place paint covered fingers into their mouths.😁😅 . It is also a safe when you are unsure if your child is going to try and consume the paint.

This Homemade Edible Paint Recipe is super easy to make . It has a wonderful smooth texture and it is perfect for finger painting sensory play!

Lets checkout this video to know how to make edible paints!!

Parental Involvement: Medium

Skills Acquired: Coordination, Creativity


a. Corn flour
b. Hot water
c. Food colour


a. Mix corn flour with hot water
b. Stir the mixture well till you get a thick paste
c. Add few drops of colour to the paste
d. Mix it well

How to play???

a. Give the edible paint and a sheet of paper to your child to colour
b. Let your child dip his fingers in the paint and make beautiful different shapes, let your child use his imagination and be creative

Check out how these champions make their own edible paints😀:

Now lets get ready for…

Paint Party!!!


18 thoughts on “Lets Paint!!!”

  1. thank you for sharing the method for making edible paint for the children who are still very young to use the normal paints.

  2. Thank you for sharing the recipe of how to make safe paints for children. Edible paints sound perfect for all the children who love painting and also is easy to make. Nice And helpful blog !!

  3. Very informative blog. Safe and edible colours activity not only makes coluring fun but is educative at the same time. Thanks for sharing 👍

  4. Thank you Jumpstart for this Homemade Edible Paint activity which is super easy to make.
    It has a wonderful smooth texture and it is perfect for finger painting sensory play for Little ones!

  5. Thank you for sharing edible colour fun activity. Children will surely enjoy the activity.

  6. This blog is very informative thanks for sharing all the information. Making safe colours for children at home itself is a very nice idea.

  7. Very informative and safe for children to implement it.. edible paint super easy and super fun to help us paint.. Amazing thought.. Thank you Jumpstart.

  8. paint is that wonderful activity which is favourite of almost every child.. lovely blog .. children will definitely love it.

  9. Nice blog
    Super fun & safe activity for the children. Very easy to make with the available things.
    Thanks for sharing

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