Paint Party!!!


Children love to paint, colour and draw. These activities give them an opportunity to explore their world of imagination and creativity.🤩😍

So why do we limit children only to colour, paint or draw with pens or crayons?? Its time to think out of the box!!!!🙄😎

Here we are with an extra ordinary idea… Paint it with Rice glue!! It might sound strange but it is super fun activity for children and also one way to develop their fine motor skills.

Lets check out this video to know how to make it happen:

Parental Involvement: Medium

Skills Acquired: Gross Motor, Coordination, Creativity


a. Rice Glue
b. Food colour


a. Divide the rice glue in equal proportion
b. Add food colour and mix it well

How to play???
a. Ask your child to use fingers to paint
b. Let your child choose his favorite rice glue colour and paint on the paper
c. Let your child be creative to draw different shapes and design on the paper

We have a friend for all of you, who is painting with the rice glue!!!😃 .Come on lets join her:

Now as you are done with painting are you ready for the next activity?

Ready to Goop??


18 thoughts on “Paint Party!!!”

  1. As the name says Paint party..It’s actually a party where children enjoy playing with colours, exploring them and learning themselves using their 5 senses. A great activity for children. Thank you jumpstart for this blog.

  2. Such an enjoyable and pleasurable activity. Great suggestion, especially when meant to keep children busy and entertained.

  3. It’s highly essential to involve children in sensory plays. This is a very good activity which can be done with children.

  4. Fun colour activity to involve children in sensory play. They will definitely enjoy fun with colours.

  5. Amazing thing to do with children.
    They love to paint and to think out of the box for this activity is the best thing which children will love. It is highly recommended and found that children learn alot through their 5 senses. So this activity is one of them.

  6. Amazing activity, children love such type of activities and its really help them to develop their fine motor skills
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Amazing activity to explore and develop fine motor skills in children. Playing with colours is always amazing and fun for them, this activity will help us to engage our children easliy.

  7. Amazing activity for children to indulge in such sensory play. Thank you for sharing the activity.

  8. Super fun and new way of painting which even parents can enjoy with their children which will excite the little ones even more

  9. Wonderful write up. Great tips shared. Painting is something which is fun and relaxibg at the same time.

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