Splish Splash!!!


One play that will always bring smiles😁 on toddlers faces will be The Water Play!!! Children can Splish splash in water for hours 🌊💧.

Water play encourages the development of eye/hand coordination through pouring, squeezing, stirring, painting, scrubbing, and squirting. Children strengthen their gross motor skills by running, dodging water drops, and hopping through a sprinkler.

It also provides hours of rich and valuable early childhood experiences to develop children’s creativity and imagination

Lets check out this video to arrange this game of joy for children:

Parental Involvement: Medium

Skills Acquired: Gross Motor, Coordination, Creativity


a. Tray
b. Water
c. Sponge
d. Glasses
e. Funnels


Arrange a tray filled with water and put all the water tools inside the try and your water play is ready

How to play???

Let children Splish Splash in water and play with different water tools


Now after playing with water, lets do some colouring…
Ready to Colour ????



7 thoughts on “Splish Splash!!!”

  1. Children love playing with water and it’s a great learning experience. Splish Splash is simple, no fuss, super fun easy water play activity. Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful activity.

  2. Very beautiful activity to bring a cute smile on children’s face.Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this amazing blog .

  3. What a wonderful activity shared. Thank you.Never realized children learn so much while playing too. Very helpful information shared

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