Ready to Colour????


Do you remember what was the most important activity in our childhood ???? Yes….The colour activity!!! 😀.

And the time still has not changed. works like a quick mood changer for the children!!!

Colouring activities help children understand various colours and their names. It helps improve their grip and strengthens finger muscles. This eventually helps the child write in later stages of childhood.

Lets find out how we can make our colour creativity box full and indulge ourselves in it

30 mins

Skills Acquired :

a. Develops imagination
b. Improves decision making where children choose which colour or medium to use
c. Children learn sizes, shapes, patterns and designs

Materials :

a. Markers
b. Note Pad
c. Sketch pen
d. Stickers
e. Markers
f. Crayons


a. Take the above Material
b. Put it all in a Box

How to play???


Activity 1: Drawing and Colouring
a. Let your child draw and color his favorite things on the paper

Activity 2: Pattern Design
a. Use the stickers and markers to make numerous patterns

Activity 3 : Doodling
a. Let your child draw his favorite objects with sketch pens and markers.

Now lets see if you can follow a Shapes activity shown in our next video:

My way to shape it

18 thoughts on “Ready to Colour????”

  1. The most favourite part about any activity for children is to colour it as per their choice. Easy and indulging activity for children.. Well explained Blog.

  2. Nice different ideas shared to indulge child in colouring activity.It provides an opportunity to practice and develop many skills such as concentration, fine motor and coordination for early writing skills and correct finger grip. It also gives the experience of creativity, colour awareness and developing a sense of achievement.

  3. Simple and easy information given.. Colours is something where children relate themselves on a.daily basis.

    It definately tells us about different expressions the child goes through.

    1. More than my child I was excited for this activity.. both of us enjoyed this activity..

  4. Great idea to indulge children in their most enjoyable activity. This gives them a way to showcase their wide imagination on paper.

  5. This will surely encourage the kids to make their colour creativity box full and indulge themselves in it!!

  6. Jumpstart comes with such innovative ideas…
    Doodling helps children to grow their imaginations… I love how Jumpstart makes it easy to understand the minute thinks around us.. ☺

  7. Colours are best part of childhood, our children are introduced with colours first. Recognizing the colours and identifying their names is an important part of child’s development.

  8. Children express their emotions and feelings with colours. Thank you Jumpstart for such easy and fun activities with colours and make children think beyond their imaginations.

  9. Children are full of imagination and if they are given colours they become artist. This blog shares various ideas of colouring method which are amazing. Very well written blog. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Colour activity develop imagination, help decision making and kids learn about shapes sizes etc .very nice

  11. Super fun and relaxing activity. No matter what your age, coloring soothes and calms the mind. Great ideas shared to help make coloring more fun and enjoyable.

  12. An interesting idea to make learning fun and creative.
    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this activity idea

  13. Such interesting ideas to keep a child engaged and something which even elders will enjoy with the little ones. Very niceeee

  14. Colouring is one of the best super fun activity for the children which also helps to chage their mood. Children love colouring.
    This amzaing activity really helps to develop their imagination and creative skill, they recognize the colours. Doodling also helps to develop their fine motor skill, pincer grasp which later on useful for writing skill, it also help to understand the patterns well.
    Thanks for sharing

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