My way to shape it


Circle⚽, Square🎰 or Rectangle🃏….Which is your favorite shape?? ???

You might take a while to think. However children understand different shapes even if they do not know that the shapes have names.

Isn’t that really cool???

You will be surprised to know that learning shapes in early age can advantage in many areas of learning.

a. A preschooler who is able to distinguish between shapes is better equipped to notice the differences in shapes of letters. This helps not only with reading but also with writing.

b. Like letters, numbers come from the combination of different lines and shapes. A strong understanding of shapes can help preschoolers better recognize the numbers and how they look.

c. Learning the differences in shapes requires preschoolers to focus on the specific characteristics. Preschoolers learn to use observational skills to identify the different shapes. They also learn how to compare different shapes and group similar shapes together.

d. Shape activities can help preschoolers develop problem-solving skills. Shape sorting toys are one example. When a child recognizes the characteristics of a square, he can match it with the square hole on the toy. Shape recognition can also help when putting together puzzles.

Lets see the ways to shape it..!!!

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 30 mins


a. Foam sheets
b. Scissors


a. Take foam sheets
b. Draw palm sized shapes
c. One shape on one foam sheet
d. Once shapes are ready, cut each shape from the center into 2 halves

How to play???


Activity 1: Shape it

a. Mix all the shapes pieces and give it to your child
b. Let your child choose and match the pieces to form a shape

Activity 2: Make forms

a. Let you child get all the pieces of shapes together and make different forms from it
b. Let your child be creative and build forms out of their imaginations

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9 thoughts on “My way to shape it”

  1. Shape activity can make the child focus on different characteristics of any number, letter or shape to distinguish them from one another. Truly said that identifying different shapes can improve the child’s problem solving skill.

  2. What a fun way to help kids learn and recognize shapes. It not only helps children identify and organize visual information but its super entertaining too.

  3. Very interesting activity, shapes are something that children are fascinated about. This activity is amazingly drafted and easy to understand. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Amazing activity idea. Really fun way of recognising and learning about shapes for children.
    Thank you Jumpstart

  5. One of the best activity for the children to recognize the shapes,their characteristics.
    Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog

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