Pretty Pretty Pattern


You will be surprised to know that children are highly pattern aware 😍

Children can reproduce patterns and predict how they will continue. Pattern awareness has been described as early algebraic thinking, which involves:
a. Noticing mathematical features
b. identifying the relationship between elements.

Lets us see how we can make use of the ability in a form of an activity for children!!

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 20 mins

Skills Acquired:

a. Improves Eye hand coordination
b. Helps them to make predictions based on their observations
c. Helps children for learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations


a. Printing sheets
b. Colourful buttons

How to play:

a. Take a sheet of pattern printed paper
b. Let your child place colorful buttons on the paper following the pattern

Look at this cute little girl who is enjoying making these Pretty Pretty patterns😍:

To know more about colours and patterns, get ready for our next activity:

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8 thoughts on “Pretty Pretty Pattern”

  1. A very easy, attractive and interesting activity for children. Fun learning with pretty patterns. Thankyouu for sharing this nice activity blog.

  2. Very interesting and engrossing activity for the children. They sure had fun doing this. Thank u for sharing.

  3. Amazing and very attractive activity for the children to teach them patterns and also learning complex number concepts and mathematical operations.
    Thanks for sharing

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