Magical Bottles

Magical bottles

How can you really keep your child engaged for a long time…???? Well, the answer is very simple…. Playing with the ‘Magical Bottles’.

These sensory bottles can engage and attract both, the children and adults . The floaty material in these bottles has a calming effect on our mind. When making the sensory or calm down bottles, children improve their fine motor development by grasping and picking up the small objects and placing them into the bottle.

Sensory bottles are also a fun way to introduce math and science to your children at and early age.

Lets find out how to make these cute little magical bottles…

Parental Involvement: Low

20 mins


a. Water
b. Transparent plastic bottles
c. Glitter, sequins, plastic flowers, stones, streamers

a. Take a bottle add water and one element to it either glitter, sequins, stones
b. You can make one bottle for every element

How to Play???

Once the magical bottles are prepared,ask your child to shake the bottle for the material to float and let your child observe how different materials behave differently in water

Lets us join these cuties to play with these magic bottles😁:


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23 thoughts on “Magical Bottles”

  1. Very interesting and engrossing activity. Learning made super fun. Thank you for sharing.

  2. unique and innovative way to teach math and science additional a very nice activity for motor skills.

  3. As the names states, these bottles are actually “MAGIC”. One should definitely make one for the child, as it helps to calm down children in certain situation. It also acts as an concentration tool for children to help focus. Thank you jumpstart for sharing this Magical yet attractive activity of Magic Bottles.

  4. Nice way to engross the children in developing their fine motor skills , very nicely explained preparation of sensory bottles , excellent activity

  5. Well written blog. Very interesting and creative activity. Easy to make and really useful to calm children.

  6. Very interesting and exciting activity for the children which keep them busy for longer time . It definitely helps to develop their concentration level,attention span, fine motor skill. Very nicely introduced the concepts of maths and science in early age,
    Really helpful ,thanks for sharing.

  7. Very interesting way of introducing math and science. Children loves these types of activities.

  8. It seem to be a fabulous idea to engage children and make learning fun. It also looks very beautiful and attractive with all the colours and glitter, it easily attract our little one’s and create great fun.

  9. Sensory bottles activity is a fun way to introduce math and science to our little ones. These bottles are attractive with all the colours and glitter and create great fun for children.
    They are engage for long time.

  10. Amazing Activity. Children love glitter and this is a best activity to be tried. Thank you for sharing the DIY.

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