If boring gets the play, just change the way!

Aren’t we adults sometimes bored of doing the same chores? Of course, we are. This happens to our ‘miniature humans’ too. Just like we need a change our children need it as well.   With time, the accessibility to toys has increased in bounds. With


The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed life as we know it. This is true for children as much as parents. If the younger members of your family are struggling with the ongoing crisis, here are some tips to help guide them toward school-life balance. A

May 18 2020

Squishy Squishy Balloons

There are so many different sensory games for children. One of which is the ‘Squishy Balloon Play’!!!.  This sensory play for children is such an important piece in child development. Sensory activities in addition to being fun and interesting for toddlers. These activities encourage children