Straws and laces

Straws and laces

Are you all ready to to play with straws and laces????šŸ˜€ .Toddlers love to use their hands to explore their surroundings.

This is such a simple toddler activity to set up and is a great way to reuse items you already have at home. You can use different sizes and colors of straws and laces to add creativity to the fine motor play.

This activity with straws and laces are ideal for developing hand-eye coordination and strengthening grasp.

Lets check out this video to know more:

Parental Involvement:Ā Medium

Duration:Ā 20 minutes

Skills Acquired: Gross Motor, Eye-hand coordination and Creativity


a. Colourful straws
b. Scissors
c. Lace


a. Take a colourful thick straw and cut it into small pieces
b. You will need few laces

How to play???

a. Let the child have all the colourful pieces of the straws and lace
b. Let your child grab coloured pieces of straw they want and lace it through
c. They could make different pattern out of it
d. You can ask them to sequence the straws colour wise

Lets play some more with laces:

Lace it up with cards and knots








15 thoughts on “Straws and laces”

  1. Very wonderful game which helps to develop child’s fine motor skill, creativity, eye-hand co ordination & strengthening grasp

  2. Very wonderful game which helps to develop child’s fine motor skill , their creativity, eye hand co ordination strengthening their grasp

  3. Tried this activity with my young one today. Great fun! We forget how involving them in such activities everyday is so very imortant for their over all development too. Thank u Jumpstart for sharing!

  4. A very nice game for eye and hand coordination for children. Children can play this game independently and learn while exploring themselves. Thank you for sharing such fun activity.

  5. Amazing activity based on brain stimulation exercise. Thank you for sharing this activity.

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