Lace it up with cards and knots

Lace on

Tying knots in the shoe lace was the most boring and difficult task for us when we were in school. But did you know that tying lace actually plays a vital role in children’s growth and development??­čśŐ

We have got a bag of activity to make your child play and learn with lace. Gift this bag to a 3 to 5 year old child to make them fall in love with this activity.

The best part of this game is you can carry it when you are traveling, this will keep your child engage for a long time

So go ahead and start the game of┬á Lace on !!!­čśÄ

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 30 mins

Skills Acquired: 

a. The simultaneous use of children’s┬áhands and eyes as they insert the tip of the string or ribbon into the holes improves their eye-hand coordination.
b. Builds pincer grip
c. Improves attention
d. Develops patience and perseverance


a. Lacing cards
b. Colourful lace

How to Play:

Activity 1: Lacing the card

a. Take a lacing card
b. Ask your child to lace the cards passing through the holes
C. When your child starts lacing the card, tie a small knot to the end so that the lace will remains with the card
c. Let your child be creative and make different patterns

Activity 2: Knot the lace

a. Let your child choose a lace
b. To tie knots, ask your child to hold the lace with both hands
c. As your child to pass 1 end of the lace over the middle of the lace and hold it in place with your fingers to make a loop
d. Next, pass the other end of the lace through the loop
e.Finally, pull both ends of the lace in opposite directions to close the loop and create a knot

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8 thoughts on “Lace it up with cards and knots”

  1. A very Nice activity for the fine motor skill. Children enjoying lacing different objects and also learn different colours and name of the objects and different sizes. A well explained blog for lacing the board activity.

  2. Amazing activity which develops fine motor skill. Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this activity.

  3. Wonderful activity for the children to keep them busy for longer time. The activity really helps to develop their attention span, eye hand co ordination, pincer grip in early age
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Amazing activity to improve child’s pincer grip and develop patience.
    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this amazing idea.

  5. Have personally seen little ones enjoying this to no extent. This is very good for their grip and concentration power. Amazing activity.

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