Lets roll the Dice


Teaching children the sense of touch can be a little difficult but not impossible.  The sense of touch is a network of nerve endings and touch receptors in the skin that enable us to feel sensations. 

Though touch sensations we feel soft, hard, smooth, rough, hot, cold, pain, tickle, itch, vibration, sticky, slimy, wet, dry, etc.

The skins “sense of touch” is very important as it gives our brains a wealth of information about the natural environment, including temperature, humidity, and air pressure.

Most importantly, this sense of touch lets us feel physical pain it is a necessity for avoiding injury, disease, and danger.

We help you to teach children the sense of touch is the most easy and fun way at home.

Lets checkout this video:

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 minutes


a. Different textures
b. A cube or a dice
c. Double sided tape


a. Keep different textures ready
b. Take a cube or a dice
c. Stick different textures on each side of the cube

How to play???

Once your cube or dice is ready let your child explore different textures on the cube


Now that you have learnt something new today, its time to relax and explore more:

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23 thoughts on “Lets roll the Dice”

  1. Great activity to activate their sense of touch, which is the interface between us and the outside world.. Very interesting. Will surely try it.

  2. Very interesting and important for child to understand about sense of touch thanks for sharing.

  3. This really new and helpful. Children will easily learn about different textures. Loved it. Thank you jump-start.

  4. Really nice activity to develop sense of touch in early age
    Thanks for sharing an informative blog

  5. Made the different task easy by sharing this information about how to introduce different types of textures.

  6. A very effective sensory dice for the children !! Thank you jumpstart for sharing a nice and easy to make activity.

    1. Really an innovative way to make children explore textures. It’s easy to make with available material at home, superb and easy way to develop sense of touch.

  7. Teaching children the sense of touch has now been made easier and proved possible by this blog!!!

  8. Children learn through their 5 senses.
    To teach children through the sense of touch is in such a way is amazing.
    Great thought👍🏻

    1. This innovative technique is helpful for children to understand the sense of touch. Very interesting activity, thank you for sharing.

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