The Fear Gene

Our talented educator, Ms. Aditi Moghe has highlighted on the emotion of fear: Every parent wants their child to inherit their good looks, their intelligence, this goes without saying. But their fears? Certainly not! Many parents may not even realise that they are unwillingly passing down their fears and anxieties- whether it is something tangible like aeroplane travel, dogs, heights, darkness or anxieties or something less concrete like money, social skills etc. Many studies show that young children react to what their parents do and say. All early learning is based on the process of association and identification. Thus, as […]

Pretend Play

Our energetic educator, Ms. Rakhi Talim, has thrown light on the concept of Pretend Play. She says, The concept of Pretend Play has gained a lot of importance in recent times and is considered an important aspect of child development. In the good old days, children used to Pretend Play as a teacher, a doctor, a mother, a policeman, a fireman and so on. The difference then was that it was just an act of play and a routine part of childhood. There were no electronic and digital gadgets or no information overload to interrupt a child’s creative ability to […]

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Raising Independent Children

Writer: Ms. Aditi Moghe (Educator at Jumpstart Preschool & Learning Center, Pune) In today’s world, talk to any parent and they will tell you how busy they are, how stressed their lives are, how it is difficult for them to give their precious time to their children, which is very obvious and correct on their part. However, whenever they get any time, they try and utilize it with their children. They see to it all their hard work pays off and thus gift their children with lots of toys, electronic gadgets & lots of love. Eventually, experiencing such a royal […]

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Power of Decision Making

Mrs. Sneha Tapadia, the CEO of Jumpstart, says: Yes? No? Maybe? Don’t know? We are often caught up in situations or experiences in life – where we are unclear about the answers. This confusion is mainly because of our lack of decision-making ability. Our education system should empower children to make decisions as it is one of the most crucial skills required in various aspects of our lives. Indecisiveness is a bigger terror than making wrong decisions. No growth and progress can happen without taking decisions. So, in fact, decision-making ability is the ultimate power we have which helps solve […]

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Gardening- A Great Way to Enhance Child’s Growth

Our enthusiastic parent partner, Shikha, mother of the twins, Aayush & Atharv, says – Gardening helps in having a healthy body, an active mind and a peaceful soul. Children love to get their hands soiled in mud and are excited to play with water. Getting dirty while gardening brings them closer to nature and strengthens their immunity and overall health. It involves physical activity and provides exposure to sunlight which is very important for healthy growth. Activities like moving soil, carrying a watering can, digging the soil and pushing a wheelbarrow promotes gross motor skills and overall strength for a fit […]

Civic Sense…. Is it too early to start?

One of the traditions of Japanese education is that students do soji (cleaning). Soji starts after lunch and lasts for about 20 minutes. This happens 4 times a week and on the last day of each term, there is a longer cleaning called o-soji (big cleaning). Throughout cleaning time, music is played to develop enthusiasm and energy. Each class is responsible for cleaning its own classroom and two other places in the school. Civic sense is nothing but social ethics or the unspoken norms of society. It is about keeping the roads, streets and public property clean. It is about [...]

Tips for Physical Development in Preschoolers

Sneha Mehta, mother of Samar Mehta, who studies in the nursery at our Aundh branch says – In today’s day and time, with the advancement of technology and new gadgets available to kids, nuclear family set-up, both parents working or lack of patience to indulge kids in activities, causes increase in child obesity and diabetes related problems. The importance of activities for physical development needs to be understood and implemented. Physical exercise and play can help boost physical development in children. The more opportunities children have to practice their abilities and skills, the more coordinated and adept they will become. We, as […]

Curiosity Opens Doors to Learning

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”, -Albert Einstein Our CEO, Sneha Tapadia says – We are born curious. All through our lifespan, it is curiosity which encourages us to understand our surroundings and makes us understand the world around us. Imagine a life without curiosity? None of the discoveries or inventions would have been possible without this element of “curiosity”. Curiosity is something that also broadens a child’s mind, helps them in exploring and understanding the environment. As primary caregivers parents and school is the doorway to the child’s world of knowledge, love and learning. A child’s […]

The Changing World for Children

We all know that change is inevitable. But in the few years, the rate of change has increased exponentially not only in the terms of technology but also our lifestyle and relationships. If we are concerned about the development of our child whether as a parent, teacher, counsellor, well-wisher or a responsible citizen, we owe to ourselves to understand that both the ‘needs’ and ‘wants’of today’s child are quite different and are also changing rapidly. In order to successfully and harmoniously deal with today’s child, we not only need to adapt to change, we actually have to anticipate it. We […]

Eating Habits in Children

Once a parent an integral part of parenting is getting children started with good habits to help them grow up healthy. The first step towards growing healthy is adopting good eating habits and attitude. In current times it is seen that the eating habits of children are major concern areas for many parents. Therefore, deeper understanding of children’s eating habits and behaviour is crucial to take care of their health.  It is a proven fact that dietary habits acquired in childhood persist throughout the life.  The eating habits that children inculcate when young serve as determinants of their health, weight […]