Preparing Your Child for the First Step Towards Preschool - Part 1

Preparing Your Child for the First Step Towards Preschool – Part 1

By no chance, your child will be in a welcoming mood for the first day of preschool. And you must be ready for that. In fact, their unwillingness, nervousness, and tears are nothing but natural and actually necessary to some extent. So, what should you do make your child ready for this situation? Don’t worry we are here to help, just read on…. Sending your child to a Preschool can be a huge step for any parent. At the same time, it is very difficult for the child to leave… Continue Reading

Sky is the limit for imagination…!!

Our enthusiastic core team member’ Shruti Athara’ shares her views on beauty of imagination in our life. As we grow up to become a sensible individual in this world of reality and practicality we tend to shed away our world of imagination. The way a horse wears blinders to avoid looking around while he is running in the race; sadly we are trained to do the same to win the race of our lives. Right from our childhood our brains are trained to follow the instructions, the rules, the people,… Continue Reading

How Do You Measure Success

How do you measure success

Our CEO, Ms. Sneha Tapadia shares her view on how success is been differently measure by different people. I at times fail to understand the human-level of emotional complexities. The multilayered opportunist thinking that a human can have amazes me. At some points in time, I felt that all successful people have abilities to think complex and multilayered which means they cannot be simple and real. They cannot be themselves. Success for many years according to me through my world view was based on wealth, position and fame. What is… Continue Reading

A positive word can change a child’s life

Our enthusiastic parent partner  Subhash Pol father of Nihit Pol has shared his amazing thought on expressing positive words  and thoughts with children. As parents, we can strongly persuade the direction of our children’s lives by the words we say to them. Yet many parents fall short to do so. A lot of parents say “Oh, my children know that we care for them,”. “They know that we love them.” Maybe so, but your children need to hear those words consent in their lives. And the good news is that… Continue Reading

How to Teach the Internet Etiquette to Your Child

How to Teach the Internet Etiquette to Your Child

 Hola Adios! In our previous blog – Internet Manners – You Must Teach Your Child; we discussed the important manners and etiquettes that you must teach your children about the online world and here we’ll be explaining how you can implement those. In today’s digital age children are introduced to the internet and electronic gadgets at a very tender age. In fact, a lot of parents expose their babies to the web right when they are born. When the internet has become an inseparable part of our daily livelihood it… Continue Reading

Internet Manners – You Must Teach Your Child

Internet Manners – You Must Teach Your Child

Hello folks, Welcome back! You must have heard and read several reports of accidental online purchases done by children from their parents’ smartphone. All of us are guilty of exposing our toddlers to the vicious world of technology and the internet. Every time, he/she starts crying we play the ‘Baby Shark’ song for them on YouTube. Or if they don’t behave themselves, we just hand over the phone and let them play those online games. We even introduce them to social media at a very tender age, because their cute… Continue Reading

Why and How to Make Your Child Cyber Ready

Why and How to Make Your Child Cyber Ready

Welcome back, beautiful people! This is in continuation of our previous blog – How to Make Your Child Cyber Safe? Here we will throw light on the importance of making today’s generation prepared for the internet. Nowadays, children hardly require any help or guidance for using smartphones, computers or other gadgets and when it comes to the internet they can even teach us a thing or two. No matter how user-friendly the internet is, there are some safety measures that must be followed while, Browsing the internet Interacting with someone… Continue Reading

How to Make Your Children Cyber Safe

How to Make Your Child Cyber Safe

In today’s techno-savvy age, it is close to impossible to keep your child away from gadgets and the rise of internet usage has only made the situation worse! The online world is a great place to hang out, find a variety of information and stay in touch with your friends and family. It has brought the world way too close. Just as in the real world, there are dangerous people and things in the cyberspace as well! Threats like online stalkers, cyberbullies, child molesters, unsafe content etc. are prowling over… Continue Reading

How To Make Children Avoid Junk Food?

Does your child love junk food?

Our enthusiastic core team member’ Shruti Athara’ shares her views on how can we make children avoid junk food. Parents constantly struggle when it comes to drawing the line with junk food. If it was left up to the little ones, every meal would be yummy junk. We know that saying no to those adorable faces can be difficult but it’s something that must be done for sure. To understand why we as parents, must not give in to their requests, let’s understand the problem and answer the golden question…. Continue Reading

Jumpstart Kids Activity Center Karve Road Pune

You are who you surround yourself with !

  Our CEO, Ms. Sneha Tapadia talks about value of positive environment for children. According to Jim Rohn “ you are average of 5 people who you spend the most time with.“ We always wish, aspire and desire that our children should follow the right path and should have the right influence during those crucial growing years and later too! How do we teach children to surround themselves with the  right people and have the right influence: 1. Teach children to believe in themselves. Others around can sense if they… Continue Reading

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