What is a conscious parenting?

Earlier, when your child was yet to arrive into this beautiful world, you might have read numerous articles, heard hundreds of stories from other parents and even your parents. All you thought about is looking after your child like a delicate flower and loving them immensely. And then your baby arrives and grows up in the blink of an eye. Now he/she is a tiny person with ideas and perspective on things. You look at them and feel the load on your shoulders of being unprepared and uncertain about things. Though it may seem like a mess in your head, in reality, it’s slightly different.

Conscious parenting is a parenting style that focuses more on the parent and the way it allows them to make thoughtful decisions for their children. They need to free their ego, attachment and wishes. Instead of focusing on solving the momentary problem, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture. Many parents believe that when they let go of the societal pressure and family baggage of expectations, they stop forcing beliefs on their children. It allows the child to grow up with an open mind and create their own identity. Parents need to look at themselves and use positive reinforcements ahead of time instead of forcing new behavior’s on their children.



A few days ago, I heard that a 4-year toddler saved two puppies by taking them out of a muddy hole. Though there were other adults nearby, they weren’t willing to take a step and help them. Looking at this, the 4 year old’s mother lends a helping hand to save the puppy’s life. Her will and determination to save someone’s life didn’t stop the child even though she was small. Her willpower and beliefs let her put the puppy’s life before anything else. It teaches us that we shouldn’t let anything stand in the way of our will to do something.

Rather than always focusing on a course of action, conscious parenting insists on looking at the issues from various angles. Some behavior’s can be challenging but, it is crucial to take a deep breath and calm yourself instead of having an outburst. Involving your children to sort some misunderstandings can make it less complicated and easier to solve the problem. It allows them to understand your point of view and you to understand theirs.


Conscious parenting involves setting boundaries and respecting those boundaries while staying consistent. We need to make note that this parenting style emphasizes on the long-term effects to the child. If you ask your child not to play games on the phone during a meal and he continues to do it, let him know that it’s not only the ill effects it may have due to improper chewing but also the carefree attitude that isn’t right for him in the long run.

Most parents believe in various sources for parenting that work best for their children and them. No one parenting style works for all children. Therefore, it makes it easier to understand your style when you learn about different philosophies and approaches. Though this parenting ride can be overwhelming, we need to stay hopeful and not let ourselves down at any instant. You are not alone!


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