Can we embrace fearlessness and flexibility?

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The emotions like Fear, anxiety and inflexibility are learnt by children when they are growing with us in this world. They are not born with it.We should teach them to embrace it


The world is facing a grave pandemic and almost every conversation and media has a discussion about the virus, how it is spreading and about the deaths.

The situation is grave and was sudden.We were not prepared for it .

For few of us for a fraction of second it must have occurred what if we get infected or our loved ones have to go through the pain?

The uncertainty and unpredictability of the situation can make anyone anxious and fearful.

In such an uncontrollable environment each one of us is trying to keep calm, patient and adapt.


How do you think children are coping with it ?


Just fine ; infact better !!



a. Children are flexible and can adjust to circumstances very easily. They are also more open , less anxious and fearless . That is the best part of being a child!

b. We often look at children extrapolating our thoughts and beliefs to their personalities. We assume things for them

c. Children are not born with fear and anxiety ; but learn it from the interaction with their environment!

These innocent minds do not come with a preconceived notion about the world and situations.They can see everything with a more open broader mind and can hence can embrace flexibility


When asked to a 7 year old child

“How was she managing to stay home the entire time without friends , garden or school?

The child smiled and answer saying , she is doing just way her mother is

Realization struck! Children observe every gesture, every reaction and every action of ours! We show courage; they will! We show fear and anxiety,they will too..

It is upto us what we want them to be…Fearful or Corageous? Rigid or flexible ?

Cause after all fear, anxiety and inflexibility are learnt!

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Written by:
Sneha Tapadia

15 thoughts on “Can we embrace fearlessness and flexibility?”

  1. Childern look to their parents for information about how to interpret ambiguous situations; if a parent seems consistently anxious and fearful, the child will determine that a variety of scenarios are unsafe. And children of anxious parents are more likely to exhibit anxiety themselves.
    As a parent this blog is so much help during such crisis. Through this blog Sneha Tapadia Madam has rightly said – A Positive Word Can Change A Child’s Life.
    Definitely positive thoughts and positive talks are the basic traits that take deep roots in the lives of children.

  2. The thoughts are very nicely transformed into words and give a very broad and important message out to the parents. This writing can surely bring a change towards a positive and optimistic future.👏

    1. Truly said.. the child looks up to adults and copy them.. as the positive energy passes to them same way the negativity passes on too.. All our emotions are trapped by children.. Be positive and see the change in the surrounding.. Amazing blog
      Eye opener for all
      Thank You Team Jumpstart

  3. All these points are so well written. We always focus on teaching things to children whereas the situation can be opposite too. We can learn so much from them and compose ourselves better especially in situations like these.

  4. Commendable writeup for the present situtation and Yes a child is born FEARLESS. The children will be exactly what we are..Stay strong so will the child be. Thankyou jumpstart for this positive blog.

  5. Excellent write up. Children learn by looking at the elders. Most of the children have accepted this change very positively and we as parents must learn a lot from them.
    Thanks a lot Sneha ma’am for giving this positivity through your words.

  6. Beautifully articulated blog.
    By copying adults during their crucial year of growth, young children learn a vast array of skills. So as parents, its our job to ensure they pick up all the good qualities before feeling fear or anxious about trying new things and change. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Very well written blog. Children always have their own way to be settled in any situation. As adults we should adapt this quality and be happy and should deal with the situation with a big smile. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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