Happy Children’s Day!!!

Happy Chidren's Day | Jumpstart Pune

Our CEO,  Ms. Sneha Tapadia shares her love for children. She was always clear that in life she would want to work for children and with children.. Here are her thoughts on one of the most special day of her life ‘Children’s Day’!

Children are my real teachers. They are my real heroes!!!

Jumpstart_Happy Children's Day

Children are our present and they are our future. I adore them and I am in perpetual awe for the way they live their life!
Children’s day is special to me as I know this is one of the day that reinforces to celebrate the real me.

It helps me deeply introspect and get my life in the right perspective by reiterating this basic attitudinal outlook to life.

Jumpstart_Happy Children's Day

There could be millions of reason to love children in this world.

But I have my own list to share for my little angels:

I love children because:

1. They get me closer to actual and real ways of living
2. They make life easy by making the most complicated thing look simpler
3. They celebrate life
4. They cherish little moments
5. They can surrender in faith and trust
6. They know how to draw a line to the past ,ACCEPT, forgive and move on
7. They are non-judgemental and do not have pre conceived notions
8. They are creative
9. They are solution finders
10. Their innocence allows them to be inquisitive and absorb new things
11. They are curious and enthusiastic about things and experiences around them
12. They love unconditionally
13. They cant fake, They are real to the world
14. They help me become better by looking at things in a new perspective and help me deeply introspect my own personality


Wish all of you a Happy children’s Day! Keep the child in you alive!


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadia

14 thoughts on “Happy Children’s Day!!!”

  1. Truly agree.Children are the present and our future. They are great learners and cherish each moment of life.
    loved the blog.

  2. A very simple way of celebrating the child within you.
    Totally agree with this, “They cant fake, They are real to the world”.
    The fact that they are Real makes them Honest as well!

  3. Well said children are our present and our future.they always give us happiness and postivity when they are around

  4. Very rightly said… children are our present and future. They truly are a bundle joy. We too learn a lot of things from them.
    Nice blog.

  5. Children are the ones who are very vital for deciding how the world is gonna be after some years. So if one can do some good in the life of a child then there can be change, atleast a slightest change, in the world to come.

  6. Children are our Present and Future❤️
    “Children are my Teachers , real heroes”
    Truly amazing

  7. Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful blog. Beautiful lines said by Sneha Tapadia Madam – “It helps me deeply introspect and get my life in the right perspective by reiterating this basic attitudinal outlook to life.” Children are real teachers and real heroes!!!

  8. Very well written
    Children are our present and they are our future. Totally agree that they love unconditionally, enjoy and cherish little moments, are creative and solution finder. The most important is they can’t fake, they are real to the world.
    Yesssss children are my real teachers and my real heroes
    Amazing blog

  9. Very well written blog.Children are fearless and not afraid of the unknown or surprises, as a matter a fact, they love surprises! So much to learn from them.

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