Lets make our children independent


Our enthusiastic core team member shares her thoughts on the importance of  making our Children Independent.

“I want to do it!” “Let me do it!” “I am not a kid!”.

Do you get to hear these phrases at your home? If so, welcome to the world of parenting, where a desire for independence display capability rule.


The first 5 years:

These years are considered to be the base years to make them independent. Dr. Maria Montessori believed that every child was born with the natural capability of being an independent individual.

“Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence.”

Importance of Preschool:


Pre-schools plays an important role in developing confidence and making the child independent so that they can adapt themselves in different environment easily.

Pre-schools make sure that each every child gets a chance to express their views, thoughts and feelings, also the preschools help children to eradicate their fear and gain confidence.

The change begins at home!




There are few tips and tricks for the parents to make children independent:


a. Identify opportunities Make a list of things they could be doing themselves. Ask them which duties he/she feels they are big enough to take on—it’s likely to increase their willingness to try

b. Target priorities tackle one item at a time, so you don’t overwhelm them

c. Make time if it takes them 10 minutes to brush their own hair, start your morning 10 minutes earlier (and put down the brush!)

d. When they are not being micromanaged, they may surprise you with their co-operation, and you’ll be a calmer influence when you’re not racing against the clock

e. Negotiate compromise for instance, for a few days, you take shirt duty, and let her do the bottoms. Tell her that her tree branches (arms) needed their leaves (her shirt) and that she did a great job—and would also be awesome at putting on their own shirt

f. Forget perfection accept that children won’t do the task as well as you. If the milk spills, show them how to clean it up without criticism and assure that it happens to everyone

g. Praise something Instead of pointing out for e.g.: Shoes is on the wrong feet, say, “You put on your own shoes! Good job!” this way children will discover the discomfort on her own. Give positive follow-up like, “I bet you’ll get them on the right feet tomorrow”

h. Consider circumstances: If they are tired, sick, stressed or adjusting to a change, it’s not the time to introduce new responsibilities. And don’t be discouraged if they regress, wanting you to do a task after they’ve mastered it. This is normal

The key for holistic development of the child is Independence!!!

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Shahana Khan

22 thoughts on “Lets make our children independent”

  1. Appreciation and encouragement are the key factors to make our lil stars learn and explore new things. The tips will surely help parents and teachers to make children independent.

  2. Nice blog about holistic development. It is very well explained in wonderful tricks about how to make children idependent .

  3. Yes if we will leave them to do things by their own they enjoy and become independent . Fully agreed.

  4. Children will be children but they do have feelings and the thirst to be independent and feel big. We as parents ans teachers have to take this positively and encourage them to handle tasks and take responsibilities. They will fall and make mistakes but thats how they will learn. We cannot expect perfection from them. But positive words will help them become independent slowly and steadily.

  5. Making children independent is mostly started from home,parents should appreciate and encourage the child so that the child would want to do more and more .

  6. Such a nice thought and very well explained. Teaching our children to be independent and making them feel responsible will make them good person in every aspect of life. Tips given in this blog will help us to encourage and motivate our children in positive way.

    1. Very well written blog.truely agree the key for holistic development of the child is independence.if you praise them instead of pointing out they will definitely become more confident and independent.

  7. Making children independent and responsible from the beginning will encourage them to do things in a right manner, it will also build decision making skills in them.Nice tips given in the blog

  8. Nice blog. Wonderful tips for the parents
    How to encourage your child to become independent instead of pointing out their mistakes tell them in a positive way & appreciation them ones they done the task

  9. Very informative blog. Every child wants to be independent, to do whatever they want and we should always encourage our child to be independent and confident. Wonderful tips given on how to encourage and motivate our little one’s.

    1. We should always appreciate and encourage the child to become confident and independent . Informative blog written and tips are well explained for development of the child. Thank you Jumpstart

  10. Informative blog.. I.completely agree that children enjoy being independent.. We as educators or parents need to constantly motivate them.. to take initiatives from the smallest of the tasks…

  11. Independent people naturally tend to be a little more confident on handling issues affecting their lives. Very informative blog on how important it is for children to be independent at an early age.

  12. Very informative blog on how to make children independent in their early childhood. Very helpful tips for parents.

    1. Very well written blog.truely agree the key for holistic development of the child is independence.if you praise them instead of pointing out they will definitely become more confident and independent.

  13. This is definitely a very true topic and well written. We often forget that children are very capable of managing things and we tend to manage it for them a bit too much. We should remember these tips and be informed as to how to handle such situations

  14. Very important topic to focus on. Children always have a desire to be independent and explore the world in their own way, which leads to a holistic development. The tips mentioned are relevant and can be easily applied by parents and teachers. Well written blog.

  15. Yes fully agree.Quarantine is a blessing in disguise..Now we have time for all the things we want to do for a long time be it a pursuing a hobby or spending time with our dear ones

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