Raising Children Independently


Our Educator shares her thoughts on the value of raising children Independently in today’s generation. In today’s world, When we interact with any parent and you will come to know about their busy schedule, their stressed lives and the struggle they face to give time to their children, which is the sad reality of today’s parents.


The modern reality of parenting:


Today whenever parents get time, they try and utilize it with their children. They see to it all their hard work pays off and thus gift their children with lots of toys, electronic gadgets & lots of love.Eventually, experiencing such a royal treatment, children might take up the advantage of it and might always remain dependent on their parents for every little thing which is what we really want to cut down.

We as parents or educators should always give priority to making our children independent.


The value of Independence:


a. Independence is about learning to do things for oneself, which includes making decisions and taking responsibilities

b. These are hugely important skills for children to learn to cope with in adulthood. As and when the independence grows, the child becomes more confident

c. As they master new skills or take on some responsibility, they begin to see themselves as being capable. This boosts their confidence level and they are prepared for new life challenges

d. Many everyday tasks such as hanging clothes, pouring out remaining water from the bottle and tidying away toys promote physical development as well as life skills

e. These activities lay the foundation for later skills such as writing and drawing. Letting your child play with any of his favorite toy or giving him the opportunity to choose what to play with allows them to explore and learn independently


According to a study:

Parents of successful children make their children do chores, teach them social skills, have high expectations from their children, have healthy relationship with each other and value efforts over avoiding failure.
However, it is very important to give them ‘time’. Spending time with children and having a healthy relationship with them is a must for all parents than buying expensive toys and gifts.

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Lets make our children independent


Aditi Moghe

12 thoughts on “Raising Children Independently”

  1. Raising independently is very important in this modern era. The tips shared in the blog will surely help to educators and parents to make our children independent in doing their own stuffs, starting with the smallest thing will surely help them and us too.

  2. Very well explained and rising children independently in today’s world is very important . Very wonderful tips shared in this blog as educators and parents it will help children to become independent . Thank you !

  3. Independence is the key for over all holistic development of child.by making them independent we are making them more confident and responsible.

  4. Well written blog. It’s true that we should teach our children to be independent as per new changes in the lifestyle, environment, ect. The way to introduce independence is very well explained above. Changing the way of asking questions to taking simple decisions, this smaller but more beneficial trick to make children independent will be helpful for their future.

  5. Well written. Making children independent is equally important as is spending time with them. These ideas will surely make it easy for the child as well as the parent

  6. The value of the quality INDEPENDENT is amazingly explained..
    The tips to inculcate this habit in your child are helpful from this blog..
    And can easily be done asa parent

  7. A good blog about how actually it is important in today’s era to make a child independent. Value of independence Are elaborated very well And also are useful for both. Thankyou for sharing this blog.

  8. Children need to practice making choices. To develop their emotional maturity, they have to learn how to decide on their own. Beutiful tips shared how we can make our children independent.

    1. It is really important to raise our children independently. It is really well explained in this blog.
      Thanks for sharing this great blog.

  9. Lovely piece. Very informative. Through independence children got to enhance their skills, learn right and wrong, develop their personality, and take decisions.

  10. Independent children feel competent and capable of taking care of themselves. Under their parent’s watchful eye, children are able to grow, flourish at their various stages of growth and development, and are more confident in being who they are. As parents we must encourage independence in our children.

    Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful blog.

  11. Well written blog. wonderful tips shared in this blog as educators and parents it will help children to become independent . Thank you !

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