Anger Management for Children

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During the growing phase of our children, they are exposed to several emotions and one of them is the Anger. As a parent we need to give our child a kick start to an emotionally healthy and grounded future.

This means we need to help them to understand and to manage their emotions better in life.

The toughest is to help child deal with an emotion called ‘Anger’.

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Here is a list of some common anger triggers a child :


a. When instructed saying No

b. When teased

c. Being interrupted

d. Not being listened to

e. Losing a game

f. Getting stuck with homework

g. Wakening up early for school

h. Fights with friends



Here are few magical tips to manage anger for our children through various fun activities:


The calm down box:


The box may contain a sensory bottle or a sponge ball, a book, pencil and some colors, Lego etc. The toys or things which your child enjoys the most can be placed in this box. Introduce this box as a surprise element whenever there is a situation the child’s behavior is inapt. Give this box to your child and let them play with it.


Volume O Meter.


An important tool to make our children understand the level of volume to be used at various scenarios.

If the child raises his/her volume give him/her an alarm about it and instruct to lower their voice and calm down.


Emotion flash cards.


a. You can make or print the emotion flash cards. These cards shows happy, sad, confused, angry, hungry etc.., faces. Ask your child to choose one card and the reason for feeling so.

b. Set out several stuffed animals and dolls and put an emotion card on each one; then speak to the figures as if they were feeling those emotions – this will help your child practice how they can respond to people in different emotional situations.


Draw the anger.


Give your child a piece of paper and tell to draw a human figure, if the child is too young then u can draw or help to draw it. Now let them color the body part where he/she anger lies. Children draw heavily on hand and mouth area stating anger explodes out from these parts of body. If it’s on hand they generally throw toys or fold their hands and sit it a corner and if it is mouth then they shout, scream, raises their voice. Sometimes the reason is just to seek your attention towards them.


Personify the anger.


Make a simple statement to your child that “it seems anger has been causing you lots of stress lately” How about we give a name and draw a picture of what you think it might look like.

This enables the child to see that anger is outside of themselves and gives a vision to solve the problem objectively.


Anger trigger tracker


Helping your child explore what situations easily set them off allows them to develop greater self awareness and eventually be more prepared in the face of frustrating circumstances through problem solving and preparation.

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Deep breathing.

Taking good quality breathes  is one of the best calm down strategy for us and for our children too.

Deep breathing to break on the anger and anxiety and helps to calm down.

Here are some creative ways of doing deep breathing:

Blowing out birthday candles. Put all 10 fingers up and have them blow it out slow as they can.

Trace your hand breathing. Hold up one hand taking long deep inhales while tracing upwards and slowly exhaling when moving down the finger.

Drawing an arc in the air. Take the longest breath possible through the nose and slowly blow out of the mouth creating an arc in the air.

Breathing. Simply trace in the air or on the surface breathing in one side and out on the other, pausing in the middle.

These anger management activities for children are practical tools that can be done in little time and with few materials.


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Written by:
Prita Agarwal

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