How to inculcate a particular habit in your child

Our enthusiastic parent partner shares her amazing thoughts on ‘How to on inculcate a particular habit in your child’.

Parenting according to her is one of the most beautiful skills which can be mastered if handled tactfully.

Having discipline and inculcating good habits at an early age plays a crucial role in the character and personality building of the child. Setting a routine for a child is the best way to nurture discipline and inculcate good habits. Therefore having a set routine for the day helps the child to adapt to their daily chores easily and inculcate a habit. This makes it easier for the parents as well to handle children and also saves their time. Having a set routine for her daughter was one of her new year resolutions of 2020. She made many changes in her routine and in her way of living which she would love to share with all the parents through this blog.


Jumpstart_Inclucate habitDeciding bedtime and wake-up time routine-

This is the most important point to be taken into consideration. When children’s bedtime routine is followed properly only then it will be possible to set a proper routine. Eg. My daughter goes to bed at 10pm and wakes up at 8.30 am. The routine is set for her accordingly

Planning meals in advance-

Decide weekly meals for children in advance. It actually saves a lot of time. When we plan meals in advance the options that we choose are also healthier and a variety of new nutritious and tasty dishes are added to the planner.  Children do not get bored. I personally plan my meals every week. I see to it that all essential nutrients are consumed through the meals.


Setting a routine for particular tasks-

When you set a routine for some specific tasks to be done daily at a particular time, children tend to develop this as a habit. This will make them consistent. Eg. When my daughter comes home from school she takes a shower. Then we say our prayers. Then we have a 20 minute TV time followed by evening snacks. Before going to bed I read 2 paragraphs  from dnyaneshwari every day.


Setting rules to have discipline-

Set some rules by which the child should abide. This teaches them discipline. Eg. We have set some rules like; before playing the next activity the previous toy/ activity should go in its place, brushing twice daily, bed should be clean, etc.


Jumpstart_Inculcating habiy


Deciding and planning all of the above points seem easier than actually implementing. Implementation becomes easy when the children cooperate and participate positively. This can be done through praising and appreciating the children through various ways, like applaud, a pat on the back, cooking their favorite food items ,etc. Eg. I have made a star chair for my daughter. When she follows the routine aptly we make her sit on the star chair and she gets a standing ovation from the whole family. 



The child will be interested in routine for a long time only if there is enough participation and involvement of the child while performing the tasks. Children are curious and ready to explore and learn new things for Eg. I taught Shuddha the way the clock works . I also taught the way the television is switched on and off .I involve her in fireless cooking during the snack time. We  invent many activities and games together during our play time. This removes the monotonous part of following the ‘Routine.’

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Written by:
Runita Agashe

14 thoughts on “How to inculcate a particular habit in your child”

  1. Acquiring good habits or manners are part of the learning process. Parents can make the learning exciting and fun by interacting with their children. Try to be encouraging and affectionate while teaching good habits to their childern and don’t discourage them with negative comments.
    As very well said in the blog – Don’t forget to reward or appreciate your childern if they acquires the habit and follows it sincerely.

  2. These tips are really appropriate and well planned as a child needs the similar discipline and rules at home to balance the school life and home routines. This blog is very well written and shows how a child can be set at home with love but also with rules.

  3. Very well written
    A help to many of the parents who struggle to imbibe good habits in their child.
    Initiative taken by the parent helps to put a child into routine.
    The tips shared are appropriate and can easily be taken care off if we wish to put our children into routine.
    Helpful and informative

    1. Good habits are a part of lifestyle
      Tips shared are really useful.. Appreciation and rewards will really work out for children

  4. Very accurate points mentioned in the blog. If followed It will surely help one to inculcate a particular behaviour in child. Thank you jumpstart for sharing such an important and interesting blog.

  5. Wonderful write-up. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing. Gives very interesting tips how parents can help children form healthy habits from an early age.

  6. Very informative blog. The tips truly are fruitful. Thank you for sharing such an informative blog.

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