The Benefits Of Pretend Play

Our CEO, Ms. Sneha Tapadia talks about how imagination-driven/pretend play builds your young child’s developmental skills. She says, I am a teacher and  I am proud to be one. The wish or the aspiration to become a teacher was incepted in my childhood. It was during one of the make and believe play of “teacher teacher” which I used to engage in as a child. I used to like pretending to be a teacher and make all my friends as students . The basic skill of negotiation was learnt then as it was only after negotiation that I got to choose the […]

The Importance Of Parent-School Partnership

Our passionate educator, Ms Radhika Mundada speaks about how important it is being an effective parent partner with your child’s school. Educators across the nation have long professed the importance of family involvement in children’s education. Many research have shown positive effects of schools and parents continuously working hand-in-hand to support and encourage the children’s learning and development.     Why do you enrol your child into the school? Whatever the answers are….. I am sure, it boils down to one fact:  you want your child to upgrade! Is it that easy to enrol your child in a good school? […]

Exploring The Benefits Of Sensory Play

Our passionate Center Manager , Ms. Priya Sahani talks about the “Importance of sensory play” in the early years of a child and why it needs to be explored. From birth to early childhood, children use their five senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them.
 It’s an important part of early childhood development and providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ which is crucial for brain development. Learning through sensory exploration comes naturally to children. As adults, our senses provide us with vital information […]

The Enduring Importance Of Parental Involvement In Early Years Of Your Children”

Our exuberant educator ,Ms Manjiree Gaikwad talks about how parental involvement in children’s lives is of utmost importance. Family is the single most important influence in a child’s life. From their first moments of life, children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs thereby forming a child’s first relationships. A parent is the child’s first teacher & should remain their best teacher throughout life. Value education plays an important part as they teach children the difference between right and wrong. The pivotal role of a parent is to provide encouragement, support & access to activities that enable the child to master developmental […]

Sailing through Stories!

  Our high spirited educator, Ms. Riddhi Lodha talks about how stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. She says, the more they hear, the more their language improves. The beauty of stories is that they can be super realistic or incredibly fictional. A story is a description of an event, incident, and imaginary or real characters, in order to engage the crowd. Children love listening to stories and so did we when we were children! I was raised with fairy tales and fictional characters which have little relevance to reality. Cinderella and Goldilocks were my […]

Importance of Early Childhood Education

Our talented educator, Ms.Sapna Bhogale speaks about the importance of early childhood education and how it contributes to children’s development and learning in their formative years. Today’s children are the founders of tomorrow’s society. A child’s early years are the foundation for his/her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. That’s why understanding the need for early childhood education is very important. Early childhood refers to the age group between 0-8 years. It includes the stages of infancy, preschool and the early primary years. The early childhood years i.e. the […]

Everything in it’s place & a place for everything!

Our CEO, Ms. Sneha Tapadia, talks about how nature can be a great teacher. She says nature is so beautifully crafted and well woven. Everything works in complete synchronization. What surprised us during our visit to a farm and a forest was to see a peacock’s eggs being hatched with the warmth of a hen. The duck giving birth to a new life. The deer, peacock and monkey co-existing with each other. The entire existential energy works in tandem towards getting a single life into existence. Children are born with this supreme force of existential energy and inherently work to ensure […]

Prodigy of Mindfulness

Our dynamic core team member, Ms. Shruti Bhalekar, talks about how ‘mindfulness’ in children is an important aspect in social & emotional developmental stages & can be a useful tool for decreasing anxiety and promoting happiness. Here are her thoughts: FIRST OF ALL… WHAT DOES MINDFULNESS REALLY MEAN? If you ask 5 different people, you will get 5 different answers; but mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment! It is the way you acknowledge your feelings and thoughts, but you don’t let them rule you. Have you ever taught your child how to pay attention, how to calm […]

Why Hop, Skip & Jump?

Our Liaisoning Manager, Ms. Suvarna Kundetkar-Mundhe, talks about why and how physical development is influential in a child’s holistic development and how parents can indulge in the same: Why does play matter? “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” – This proverb itself stresses on the vitality of physical play in a child’s life. In a digital world where children are spending more and more time looking at screens and less time playing outdoors, the problem of childhood obesity is on the rise. It is therefore extremely essential to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle from a […]

Nutrition – Is your child on the right track?

Our enthusiastic parent partner, Mrs. Suvarna Bhandare, mother of  Reyaansh Bhandare, says, Is my child having a good meal? Enough calories, enough proteins? My child skips breakfast! He/ she doesn’t like a particular food! My child has food only if some sort of screen is provided! These are a few questions that pop up in our minds especially when it’s about preschoolers. But it’s extremely important to know whether- Is your child having enough amount of fresh fruits and veggies? Is there a colorful meal served on your child’s plate? Is he/ she having at least a small amount of […]