Children Can Have Fun Indoors Too!

Playing is not just fun but is a stress buster too and they always look forward to it. Playing games keeps them engaged and refreshed. But during this global pandemic, parents prefer not to send their children out. You want them to play and to be safe as well. So, what can you do? There is nothing like a fun indoor game to bring your family together. We have your back with a list of the best indoor games you can play together as a family –


  1. Freeze-

Toddlers particularly love this game and are always excited to play it. This game is not only fun but also keeps them physically active.

How to play-


  1. Indoor bowling-

Create a simple bowling alley using water bottles at home and keep your child engaged and happy for hours. This game is also ideal for hand-eye coordination in children.

How to play-

  • Stack the water bottles at one end of the room
  • You can arrange them in the form of bowling pins and stick tape on either side of the bowling alley
  • Now all you have to do is strike the pins with a ball. You can increase the fun by keeping scores of the game


  1. Pictionary-

Who has not heard of this game? Pictionary is a game that requires one person to draw the word, where the other person has to guess the word correctly.

How to play-

  • Pick out any topic that your child likes
  • You can write names of a animals, birds, food etc. and put them in a bowl
  • One of the players picks up a paper blindly from the bowl and draws the object mentioned on the paper. The other player should guess the word correctly from the drawing made. Isn’t it a fun indoor game?


  1. Card games-

Card games make a great choice to improve logical reasoning and color identification.

How to play-

  • Use a deck of cards available at home and stick various color stickers. It makes the cards look colorful and draws the child’s attention
  • You can stick numbers and letters and ask them to identify


  1. Dominoes-

Stacking dominoes in a row and watching them fall is an amusement for all ages. It can keep your child engaged for the entire day.

How to play-

  • You can either use the dominoes game set or building blocks to play this game
  • Stack the blocks with your child in any pattern they would like
  • After placing the dominoes/blocks, you can ask your child to disturb or topple the first block. It is indeed satisfying to watch them topple!


  1. Ice tower –

Ice tower is a fun game for children. This game makes an exceptional choice during a hot day outside and keeps them engaged for hours.

How to play-

  • Place a few toys in a container and fill them with water
  • Now, freeze the container until the water turns into ice. Give your child some tools like spray bottles, salt, eye drop bottles or a water gun
  • They have to rescue the toys trapped in the ice with the help of these tools. Just make sure to place a carpet underneath to avoid the water spill


  1. Guess me –

This game can be fun and entertaining for children of all ages. It makes way for a splendid learning experience.

How to play-

  • Cut a hole in a big box and place any item inside the box
  • Your child should guess what’s inside the box only by touching it. You can use things that vary in texture to make it interesting


  1. Chinese Whisper-

It is an engaging game that ends up with hilarious results. In this game, the more the number of players, double the fun.

How to play-

  • The first player should think of a simple sentence and whisper it to the person sitting next to them
  • That person should whisper what they have heard to the next person. This process goes on until it reaches the last player
  • The last player should announce the sentence to everyone. This game is an absolute stress buster



Indoor games are fun and engaging for all ages. Children not only have fun but also creates a learning platform for them as well as the parents. It could take you by surprise when you know how thoughtful and creative your child can get. Jumpstart Preschool, think of all possible ways to spend quality time with their children. Making time to engage with them might open a lot of doors. At the end of the game, you understand your child a little more. It would bring them close to you and create a safe, comfortable space!


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