Why and How to Make Your Child Cyber Ready??

Why and How to Make Your Child Cyber Ready

Here we will throw light on the importance of making today’s generation prepared for the internet. We need to know if our children are Cyber Ready.

Nowadays, children hardly require guidance for using smart gadgets. When it comes to the internet they can even teach us a thing or two. No matter how user-friendly the internet is, there are some safety measures that must be followed while,

  • Browsing the internet
  • Interacting with someone online
  • Engaging in an online activity

Just like we make children accustomed to operating in the offline or the physical world, it is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the child is made aware of and habitual to carry oneself in the online or virtual space.

This is of utmost importance as the web-world co-exists with us and our children are exposed to it right from the moment they are born. (Remember, the selfie taken to announce your baby’s arrival on WhatsApp & Instagram?)

Here are a few important internet safety and readiness tips that you must teach your child:



While chatting online, teach your child to never share their personal information, including name, phone number, address, school name and photo.


Tell your child that it can be dangerous to meet someone you have only known or spoken to online and that they should inform their parent, teacher or caregiver if somebody approaches him/her with such a request.


The child should know that he/she should not accept emails or messages from strangers. Also, opening images, files etc. from unknown sources can be hazardous and they may contain viruses and/or inappropriate content.

Rely on:

Do make sure that your child understands that he/she should not rely on anything or anyone on the internet.


Teach children that they should inform their parent, teacher or caregiver about anything or anyone that makes them feel uncomfortable, worried or afraid online. Keeping our children informed and cautious is the only way to make them ready for the internet world and let their online experience be safe and fulfilling.

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  1. Informative blog. It’s very important to spread awareness about cyber security for all the age group. The above tips are helpful. Thank you for writing and sharing the blog.👍🏻

  2. This is indeed a very sensitive issue which can create problems for children if not handled properly. These things should definitely be taught to children as soon as they start understanding things as this will definitely help them alot. Very useful tips and well written blog

  3. This blog has thrown light on a topic which is of utmost important in this century.
    The child should be well educated about the measures that should be taken for safety of cyber crime.
    The tips given are Perfect till the T.
    Short simple and easily implemented.
    Well drafted.

  4. Great blog with amazing tips that are really very important from the children point of view.

  5. Very informative blog
    Very useful and important tips for cyber awareness in children at right age

  6. Very helpful and well written blog. It is very important to ensure that our children are protected while using the internet. Great tips shared.

  7. As technology plays a very important role in today’s era it is utmost important for the child to be cyber ready. Correct and useful tips shared to make a child aware about cyber its use and pros and cons. A topic of awareness is highlighted through this blog. Thankyou for sharing the crucial information through this blog.

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