Is your child Imaginative??

Our enthusiastic core team member shares her views on beauty of imagination in our life.

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” ―George Bernard Shaw

As we grow up to become sensible individuals in this world of reality and practicality we tend to shed away our world of imagination. The way a horse wears blinders to avoid looking around while he is running in the race; sadly we are trained to do the same to win the race of  life.

Right from childhood our brain is trained to follow instructions, rules, people, and guidelines. We as humans want to do things that are socially acceptable in life because we are scared of rejections and isolation. As we have to make sure we are answerable to society. We forget that we are blessed with a brain and not machine that functions as per command.

A human mind is made to believe that you will be successful only if you follow a particular path in life, however we have yet not accepted a simple fact, only those people rise in life who have gone beyond their way of imagination

During our childhood days, when we attended drawing classes, we replicated what teacher drew on the blackboard. But today when a 5 year old was asked to draw his dream home, I was astonished to see, how he drew a spaceship as his house alongside a rainbow. He also drew a chocolate farm and unicorns as his pet.

That’s when I realized, imagination has no boundaries and limitations. Children do not move, think, speak in a straight line, and neither does imagination nor does creativity.

Hence let us believe in our own magical world just like children do. Because, Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous and inconceivably powerful force the world has ever known!!!

“Imagination creates reality.”

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Written by:
Shruti Athara

12 thoughts on “Is your child Imaginative??”

  1. Truly said imagination should be limitless.When we dare to do something different we wider our horizons.
    The blog inspire us to accept new challenges and take one more step ahead to our goals.

  2. So true. This is actually something which we can learn from our little stars. Their imagination is truly beyong limits and they sure know how to make their world colourful to the most.

  3. Yes as a child is born fearless also the child has an has imagination which can have no boundaries.. They think beyond everything and that’s where lies their creativity , their goals, their world which makes them so much different from us. And yes I agree sky is the limit. Thankyou Jumpstart for this blog.

  4. Truly said “Imagination has no boundaries” . Thank you shruti ma’am for the wonderful blog .Thank you Jumpstart

  5. It’s so rightly said Shruti that…. imagination has no boundaries. I personally think that imagination is the first step towards being creative also.

  6. Great blog. Rightly said that imagination allows children to express themselves and be creat]ve in endless ways.

  7. Imaginative play allows children to express themselves verbally and physically, act, react and interact. Great write up.

  8. Imagination is the ability to create visual images in the mind’s eye. It allows us to explore all sorts of images and ideas without being constrained by the limits of the physical world.
    Great blog.

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