Screen time during meals

Screen Time

As a parent you learn and explore something new and exciting every single day. When you look back ,you certainly feel that there were things that could have done differently. So, I as a mother have done course correction along the way learning from the experiences.

All of us have different issues and challenges to tackle in life. One challenge that we all parents have is to feed our children. What usually parents follow is a common pattern, and that is to allow their children screen time while eating.

This practice has a lot of factors like

a. Duration of the child watching screen while eating
b. If this is helping the child to relish food
c. The content on the screen that child is watching

Also, It has been observed that some children eat too fast and some eat very slow while they are watching screen and eating. Honestly, both the scenarios are not healthy.

If the child is eating fast he may tend to overeat, which is not a healthy indication as we do not have enough of outside activities available for our children in the current pandemic situation.
Eating too slow exposes the child to screen for a longer period of time which in turn is stressful for the eyes.

My experience and learning as a parent:

As a parent, this has been a cause of worry for my elder daughter as she eats really very slow and thus that increased her screen time. Thus, I came up with an idea which has helped me in reducing her screen time and also I did not have to spend too much of time in feeding her anymore.

One fine day at lunch time I had a word with my daughter . I told her that starting today she will be eating her lunch first and then will get screen time. Like all children I knew ,she will resist the idea and will throw a tantrum but this time I was prepared for it. I decided to remain adamant.

After a while she took her first bite but she had started crying. However ,I remained calm and told her it is either this way or no screen at all. Then slowly she started eating but kept on complaining. Somehow we managed to finish the meal. But as I had promised her I did let her have her screen time for 20 mints after lunch.

Thus, initially it was tough for both of us.But today, it is a routine which my daughter has accepted happily and thus I am now able to control her screen time much better. Also we don’t spend too much time in eating and finishing meals.


Tips and tricks :

a. The only thing important here is to be prepared for the resistance that will come when you implement this idea
b. You need to be consistent in your approach no matter what happens

If you are forming a habit and you think it will work if you do it as per your convenience then you are highly mistaken. It will only work if you do it every single time and remain consistent!!!!. And no sooner it will become a way of life.

c. Also while I let my daughter watch screen for approximately an hour or so in a day I ensure she watches shows which enhances her learning.

Some of her all time favorite shows include

a. Creative Galaxy
b. The Binocs Show
c. Yoga for Kids
d. Bumble Nums


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10 thoughts on “Screen time during meals”

  1. Very helpful blog. Sharing a meal with your family is a very intimate moment. We must ensure that we focus on each other and not on our screens. Lovely tips shared on how to help children leave their tabs behind while enjoying food.

  2. Great write up. Some amazing ideas shared how we can involve children in “us” time rather than screen time. Its helps enhance their emotional pysche too. They form connections and learn to communicate. Loved it! Thanks for sharing

  3. Amazing blog. Less screen time during meals can help promote healthier eating in children.
    Great tips shared.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Very interesting blog. Helpful for all the parents who face such issue now a days. Thank you for sharing these tips.

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