Magnetic Magic


Time for Magnetic Magic..🤩. The most important teaching tip of all is to make sure it is always fun😁!!!

Make it a game and your child will love learning with you and from you. The alphabet is the building block of literacy and so children must learn to recognize and name the letters, both in and out of order, and the sounds associated with each letter. It easier for child to learn alphabets when they learn through the play method.

Lets find out the magic of how can we stimulate learning alphabets in fun way through this video..

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 30 Mins

Skills Acquired:

a. Cognition of Alphabets
b. Helps in learning formation of letters


a. Metal Tin Box
b. Cue Cards
c. Words on Ice cream Sticks
d. Magnet Letters

How to play:

Activity 1
Let the child match the Magnetic Letters with Cue Cards

Activity 2
let the child form Letter on cue card with the ice cream sticks

Activity 3
Let the child form words with the help of Magnetic Letters


Now as you know how to make your own creative box, try other boxes here:

Building with Blocks



13 thoughts on “Magnetic Magic”

  1. So as to learn new words “Magic Magnet” is a very interesting activity for children. I highly recommend this activity to be taken. Thank you jumpstart for sharing such a fantastic and fun learning activity through your blog.

  2. This will surely turn out into an interesting way of learning. This will be a fun activity and children will enjoy learning through this method.

  3. This activity can help to learn phonic sounds of letter in an interesting and innovative way. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  4. Amazing activity. Very interesting way to make learning fun. Thank you Jumpstart team for such a innovative trick.

  5. Very interesting and innovative method to learn the alphabets through the play way method
    Thanks for sharing

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