Building with Blocks

Building with blocks

How many of you still enjoy playing with blocks with your children??? It doesn’t matter how old we all get, but we still love building our own creative structures with blocks.

Children absolutely love the thrill of building and they can do this for hours. So for parents who often face challenges while engaging their children at places like movie theaters, family functions, trains etc. This is the best play to keep them entertained.

Building blocks might look just like an another game, however it plays an important role for development of children.

When children are engrossed in playing with blocks ,LEGO works as a wonderful way to refreshing their cognitive thinking as well as creativity. It is a fun and productive way for children to enjoy themselves .

Lets check out this video:

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 20 mins

Skills Acquired:

a.  Develops Problem Solving Skills
b. Helps them understand Shapes and Sizes
c.  Develops Fine and Gross Motor Skills


a. Lego
b. Tangram
c. Small Blocks

How to play:

a. Pack lego , Tangram, small blocks in a box
b. Let your child form structures with the blocks.

After building your tower its time to fix some Nuts and Bolts:

Lets Fix it with Nuts and Bolts



8 thoughts on “Building with Blocks”

  1. An easy and interesting way for children to explore and learn through this activity of building with blocks. Thankyou jumpstart for this nice activity blog.

  2. Playing with blocks not only helps develop their gross motor skills but also helps with math skills like shape, size, weight, balance, gravity and many other things.. Thanks for sharing such a fun and interesting activity.

  3. Playing with block has always been fun. This fun has been developing so many skills as mentioned above. This kind of engaging activity must be tried by all the parents. Thank you Jumpstart team for sharing this amazing benefits of Blocks play.

  4. Building with blocks is a really fun activity for children. It helps children to develop their motor skills and coordination, it boost their imagination and creativity and so many other things.
    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this amazing activity.

  5. Very interesting and super fun activity for the children to keep them busy for longer time. Children love such type of activity which helps to develop cognitive skill as well gross and fine motor skill.
    Thanks for sharing

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