How do you measure success???

How Do You Measure Success


I, at times fail to understand the human-level of emotional complexities.

The multilayered opportunist thinking that a human can have, amazes me. At some point, I felt that, all successful people have the ability to think complex as a result they cannot be simple and real, they cannot be themselves.

Success for many years according to me, through my world view was based on wealth, position and fame. What is the use of success and power, if it brings no peace; if it doesn’t help you to be real and doesn’t help you develop trust.

People maybe really powerful when it comes to wealth, their position or fame; but are they really peaceful? Can they trust easily? Do these so-called successful people live their life in the present and in the current moment without overthinking and analyzing? Do they lead a life with the innermost deepest sense of happiness which is not dependent on external parameters?

There is a supreme example of such successful set of people! They are “children in their early years”.

If we really need to be successful like children, we should follow them! It in itself, means success is defined by how peaceful and real you are with yourself because children live in the present with no multilayered thoughts. They are real with no preconceived notions. Children trust and surrender easily. They believe everything without the emotional layer of complexities.


Success lies in children!

Our education system should likewise preserve this real inherent nature of children while achieving the worldly view of success based on wealth, power and fame!

Success is, abundance of emotional and physical health, wealth, power, fame, successful relationships and preserving the real you.


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadia

9 thoughts on “How do you measure success???”

  1. Loved the thought Success lies in children. We adults find success in materialistic things but this blog has completely changed the meaning and i truly agree to it.
    Thankyou Jumpstart for such a powerful thought.

  2. This is a really insightful blog. We can learn so many things from children because they truly change our perspective in such beautiful ways and as rightly said, instead of trying to be a model for them, we can actually follow our tiny tots.

  3. Such a wonderful blog 👍Success is how real and peaceful you are.. Thank you for sharing such learnings through blogs

  4. “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”
    Very thoughtful and powerful blog. Success is measured by how peaceful and content yu are with your life andits great that we start teaching such philosophies to children early.

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