Cut it out with Scissors


Children are always eager to try new tools. Scissors is a tool that helps in development of fine motor skills, focus and concentration.

The opening and closing motion of cutting with scissors helps children develop the small muscles in their hands otherwise known as fine motor skills. These muscles are crucial for holding a pencil or crayons and gripping and manipulating objects.

Cutting with scissors requires the skill of hand separation, which is the ability to use the thumb, index, and middle fingers separately from the pinkie and ring fingers.

Children’s little hands can develop fine motor skills by learning the proper way to cut paper.

This can be challenging for a youngster with small hands.

Lets try to make our own beautiful cutting box with scissors !!!

Parental Involvement: Medium

Duration: 20 mins

Skills Acquired:

a. Improves Eye hand coordination
b. Develops finger muscle strength
c. Helps in improving writing skills


a. Printed Pattern Sheets
b. Child Friendly Scissors

How To Play???

a. Take a sheet of pattern printed paper
b. Let your child cut the paper along the printed lines.

Meet our little stars who are enjoying this activity.. What are we waiting for??? Lets join them😀


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8 thoughts on “Cut it out with Scissors”

  1. Truly agree with the blog. It does help to improve a lot of skill together. We can totally engage children through this, rather than screen time..

  2. This is one of the easy to make activity and also helps keeping the children engaged and in developing their fine motor skills. A very helpful activity shared in this blog. Thank you Jumpstart!!

  3. Very straightforward and trouble free activity which can be made at home in no time. Thank you for sharing. Will surely try it with the young ones.

  4. Easy yet engaging activity a child can perform. It helps to develop fine motor skills. Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this amazing activity.

  5. Nice activity to keep the children engaged for longer time. Its really help to develop their rye hand co ordination, attendance span, concentration level, and slso strengthen their finger muscles which later on useful for writing skill.
    Thanks for sharing

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