Curious Colorful Sticks

Curious Sticks

There are so many ways to teach children different shapes, patterns and numbers.. Have you ever heard of teaching them all of this with colorful Popsicle sticks ???

Doesn’t it sound interesting????

Popsicle sticks are inexpensive, durable and super easy to create with. We have found fun ideas that involve counting, forming patterns, creating different shapes and helping children learn. Popsicle sticks are fantastic for helping strengthen fine motor skills for kids and so much more…

Lets find out by watching this video…

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 20 mins

Skills Acquired :

a. Develops pattern identification
b. Children learn logical and analytical skills

Materials :

a. Cue Cards
b. Coloured sticks
c. Velcro


a. Take pattern stick cue cards
b. Take coloured ice cream sticks and paste velcro pieces at both the ends of the sticks

How to play???

Activity 1: Make patterns

a. Let your child take all the coloured sticks and form different patterns
b. Let your child use them as an objections to count and learn numbers

Activity 2: Follow the cue cards

a. Take a cue card and some colorful sticks
b. Ask your child to copy the exact shape shown in the cue card using the colourful sticks

Here we have a cute boy playing with these sticks only for you šŸ˜‹.. Lets join him:

Now lets see if you can follow a pattern shown in our below activity:

Pretty Pretty Patterns


11 thoughts on “Curious Colorful Sticks”

  1. Colourful sticks act as a tool to grab child’s attention and also helps them learn different colours as well as excel their imagination by creating various things out of the sticks. A easy and a best way to keep a child busy using these curious colourful sticks. Thank you jumpstart for a nice activity blog !!

  2. Colours always attract children, and an activity this colorful is definitely very innovative.

  3. Children are naturally attracted to bright colors, which is why most toys and activities geared towards younger children are often shiny and bright. Great idea incorporating colors and pattterns into various fun activities

  4. Attractive for kids colourful things attracts kids this way that will learn counting, patterning.

  5. Popsicle sticks are easily available and these colourful stick very attractive for the children. Nice ideas shared in this blog to develop children’s logic thinking.

  6. Curious Colorful stick activity is a fun oriented activity. Children tend to be attracted by colour and by this activity there are so many things to be learnt. Thank you Jumpstart team for sharing this amazing activity

  7. Wonderful activity
    Bright colours always attract the children. Very interesting and innovative technique to teach them different shapes, patterns and counting
    Thanks Jumpstart for sharing.

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