Curiosity Opens Doors to Learning

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Our CEO believes that we are born curious. All through our lifespan it is curiosity which encourages us to understand our surroundings and makes us understand the world around us.

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”, -Albert Einstein

The concept of Curiosity:


Imagine a life without curiosity? None of the discoveries or inventions would have been possible without this element of “curiosity”.

Curiosity is something that also broadens a child’s mind, helps them in exploring and understanding the environment.

As primary caregivers parents and school is the doorway to the child’s world of knowledge, love and learning.

A child’s curiosity is first focused on their parents, with them gazing intently on their facial features and contours, to their warm voice and even their warmer touch.

Later educators form an impression on the child’s mind. Parents and educators become the role models for the little minds.

It is therefore absolutely essential for the school and parents to partner together and interact continuously with the child.

This continual interaction is absolutely essential between schools and families as it encourages natural learning within children. As a child, curiosity reaches its hilt with the joy of discovery.

A child experiments with things around him/her and learns through his surroundings.

It is absolutely essential to give enriching experiences for him/her to learn and understand.

The experiences should build curiosity and the child should be loaded with deluge of questions like

“What is that…”, “How do you do this…”, “What happens if we…” to “Why is it happening…”

As the curiosity of the world becomes more infectious for the child, and the child starts asking too many questions we as primary caregivers sometimes get annoyed because of our hectic schedules and routines and often discourage the child from asking too many questions and thereby constrain their curiosity!

Schools and parents need to continuously work together to keep the curiosity alive!

Curiosity remains alive by asking a lot of open-ended questions to children while doing lot of simple hands on experiences like making art and craft together, cooking together, playing together, travelling together, solving puzzles together etc.

This can get children enthused by the most basic things as long as we are involved enthusiastically. We just have to let the child’s curiosity be our guide.

Remember curiosity dimmed is a future declined!


Parent partner thoughts :


A. Emani Yurembam: 

(Parent from Aundh branch)

Children are naturally curious, they often asked many questions but at times, it can take a lot of patience to answer all of their questions.

Curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out, even my daughter loves to play puzzles a lot. She learns so much more beyond her age level through activities that capture her attention and imagination.

As a parent, we should encourage our child to develop their thoughts and ideas showing love and interest to them, and always answers their questions simply and clearly.


B. Rewati Kulkarni,

(Parents from Karve road branch)

a. In our childhood we weren’t pampered as much as we pamper our children today.

b.We  as children used to ponder over things that we didn’t understand. We would search for answers by observing things/people incidents around us

c.Today, we all are seeking answers instantly, for us as well as our children.

d.We want to google things that we don’t know and give a solution to questions that the children throw at us

e. With this the curiosity of children is eventually going to diminish and all we will look at is an impatient child with tantrums when they don’t get the answers they seek

f. I believe curiosity is the fuel that helps and encourages kids to find facts, stay informed and understand behaviors

g. Sometimes it’s important for us to leave their questions unanswered and take ourselves through the journey of finding facts for them.

h. Be patient throughout the journey, and when we together find the answer, be as amazed as they would be. Share that journey with them.

i. We must expose our kids to maximum experiences that the environment allows. Be with them while they are experiencing new ideas, explore with them and also, at times, learn with them

j.Let them find their own answers, own meanings, and own definitions and all we have to do is be with them and keep their questions unanswered


C. Aniruddha & Harsha : 

(Parents from Ghole road branch)

a. Curiosity, says O’Toole, is the antidote to this plugged-in, entertainment-dependent lifestyle because it encourages and allows individuals to be intellectually self-sufficient

b. As the above saying goes, right from a child is born we see that they are curious about every other thing

c. They feel, touch and see. It gives a child a sense of exploring every other thing that is around

d. Stimulating your children’s curiosity is a wonderful gift because it enables them to continually learn, grow, and question the world they live in


Follow few tips and tricks to encourage child curiosity:


a. Answer question asked by children which would in turn encourage then to think

b. Twist  the traditional way. For e.g: Narrate a story and ask children to draw something related to the story .This will develop fine motor skills in them

c. Involve them in gardening activity to show them the progress of plants and flowers

d. Children enjoy playing with clay dough, you can teach them that how the same thing develops multiple shapes. This will help them to be more creative

e. Narrate open-ended stories to children so that they can use their imagination to finish the story.

f.Encourage children to start the story or continue with it

g. Find different ends for the same stories to grab children’s attention and to increase their level of curiosity

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Written by:
Sneha Tapadiya

11 thoughts on “Curiosity Opens Doors to Learning”

  1. Amazing blog 👍🏻. Children are learners right from the time they are born and as they grow their curiosity also grows, and curiosity stimulates the brain. Hence as said in above blog as parents and teachers we should always encourage children to be curious with help of the above tips. Thank you for writing.

  2. Curiousity is an inborn quality in a child and we should always try and engage that quality. Conversation and self play are best options to develop this habit. Most important being as adults we should always encourage them whenever they have questions. Very well written

  3. Curiosity is the only aspects which makes a child learn things independently. It is an inborn behaviour and the most crucial one as it decides how much a child is eager to learn new things. Very Nice and informative blog. Good pointers shared to encourage curiosity in a child. Thankyou jumpstart for sharing this blog.

  4. Curiosity helps children be more observant and to think about things and try to figure them out. When children explore their curiosity, they expand their vocabulary as they use language to describe what they’re thinking, seeing, hearing or experiencing.
    We as parents can help our little stars to grow by supporting their curiosity.

    Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful blog.

  5. There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns. Wonderful blog. Ha

  6. Really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing.. We as parents can help our little stars to grow by supporting their curiosity.

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