Practice Humility so that Your Child is Humble too.


Humility is the ability to consider others before yourself. It’s not about thinking yourself less, but thinking less about yourself. Few simple ways of teaching children humility can be


Few simple ways teaching children humility can be:


Model behavior


Humility begins at home with the parents. Children learn better when parents teach through their personal examples. Children tend to notice everything parents do. They make notes when you lose your temper in traffic, treating someone badly or using your power to yield results in your favor. They also observe the time when you open the door for elders, act respectful towards others, speak kind words with people.  So as parents you may like to be mindful of your behavior.


Teach them to be helpful


Indulge children in home chores. Tell them to help you in certain things like plating on dine, passing the water, gardening or winding up their toys, serving food, donating to needy. Acknowledge their work by saying .“Today Samira helped me in plating or she donated her toys. These small acts will make them learn to be generous at their part and gives the feeling of being honored.





Admit Mistakes


Parents should encourage children to apologize and learn from their mistakes. As we say Charity beings at home the same way, as a parent we should apologize to our children for making them feel bad but at the same time we should explain the reason behind this. This will make them approachable to you and less defensive and dishonest.


Introduce the magical words.


Let your child take part in family affairs and acknowledge the efforts of others. For example, if a cousin of hers has scored good marks motivate your child to appreciate him/her by using congratulations or someone who has participated in sports say her “All the best”.  By demonstrating the worth of celebrating other’s successes your child will inculcate humility.




Exposure to great stories


Encourage your child to read the stories of our great leaders like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda etc who lived their lives for humanity. Show them movies based on their lives and struggle.


 Give Corrections


Appreciations and corrections goes hand-in-hand. As you appreciate your child in good deeds similarly be prompt in realizing their serious errors or wrong attitude like showing tantrums or bragging .Although handle patiently without harming their self-esteem.

Being humble may ensure that your child is courteous and respectful to others. Teaching children humility can help them to see the situation in a proper perspective that may promote self-confidence. It trains to listen to others and facilitate his desire for learning from others thereby warranting his personal and intellectual growth.

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Written by:
Prita Agarwal

16 thoughts on “Practice Humility so that Your Child is Humble too.”

  1. Humility is the quality which leads to other positive qualities. Hence it’s very necessary for this quality to be developed in the right way by not making them feel low. These tips will help in developing humility in the right way

  2. Being humble and helpful are the qualities every child should posses. And being a parent we should help our children to gain them at any early age so it remains life long with them.. Nice and easy ways mentioned in rhe blog to practice Humility. Thankyou Jumpstart.

  3. Being humble and helpful are the qualities every child should posses. And being a parent we should help our children to gain them at an early age so it remains life long with them.. Nice and easy ways mentioned in the blog to practice Humility. Thankyou Jumpstart.

    1. To be humble is the best way to be grounded.. Children learn more adults.. Wonderful blog humility.

  4. Humility is marked by modesty, meekness, diffidence, and an unassuming attitude. … Humility can only come from those who actually have something about which to be humble. Each and every parent should imbibe humility in your child as every child should be humble right from an early age. Nice blog.
    Thank you Jumpstart.

  5. Very well written blog. While raising the child,making them a good person should start right from the early age. Thank you for sharing the thought.

  6. Very beautifully explained with appropriate examples
    Humility is one if the best positive quality to inculcate in early age which helps them for llfe long

  7. True humility begins at home with the parents. Parents are the first role model of the child. Very good points by the blogger. Thank you for sharing the thought.

  8. Nicely drafted blog 👌 it’s very true that we as parents should practice humility so that our children are humble too!

  9. Very well articulated blog. Humility is in fact, one of the most powerful and important attributes of a good person. Hence becomes absolutely necessary to introduce our children to this concept at an early age.

  10. Beautifully written blog. Children observe and adopt behaviors witnessed by them. Best example would be to lead by action. Wonderful write up.

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