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“Nothing is permanent in life”. Eventually everything changes, with Covid-19 pandemic we all had to change and evolve with the situation. Our children have been patient beyond their age and intellect.

It is very difficult for them to stay indoors and suddenly loose contact with their friends and teachers in school. But they have evolved, learnt, tamed their minds and have adapted to the current situation.

We as parents are doing our best to engage our children. But eventually it’s difficult for the parents to engage them productively every day. We often tend to pick up a random topic to teach the child or hand over a toy or an activity which they have already done.

This is an unstructured learning for the child. Being a mother, I have realized that we cannot match the expertise of a teacher.

The online schooling is a ray of hope and light for us to engage our child’s productively daily. In an online school children go through a structured and age appropriate learning.

It gives a platform for children to meet and  interact with their friends and teachers.  It helps in holistic development and also to set up a routine for the child.It is very important to choose the perfect online schooling platform for the child.


The following parameters might help you to choose the best virtual school for your child:


a. A virtual school should be a live session where children can interact with their teachers and friends. Recorded sessions are not very appealing for younger children as the experience would be very similar to a passive learning platform

b. The session should be very interactive, wherein the child is asked to participate and answer different questions. This kind of an interaction motivates children to be attentive and makes learning interesting and fun for them

c. The online sessions for  younger children should be for limited time frame. Long sessions might get tiring for the child and also, the concentration and the patience level won’t suffice for so long

d. The sessions conducted online should consist of both the academic and other life skill activities


e. Prefer the online school which gives personal attention to children as these toddlers need more attention and assistance

f. Avoid a online session which has 50 participant with only one teacher teaching, as this will dilute the attention given by the educator to individual children

g. Post the session, certain follow up activities or games or work sheets should be given to engage the children

h. It should allow parent and school interaction by question and answer round in the session. It is always advisable to supervise the session with the younger children

i. It should help parents with prior preparation list if any considering the limited resources available at home

j. If online classroom session timings are a constraint; ask the school if they have a facility of giving recorded sessions which can be viewed laterChildren


The Myth:


Majority of the parents think that the child cannot sit at one place for more than 10 minutes so it is very difficult to attend any virtual school.

In fact even at physical school, initially the child does not sit at one place for the entire 2 hours. The teachers with their experience and expertise settle and transit the children to the new routine and eventually the child looks forward to be in school with their friends and teacher.

So here are the following tips which can help parents to settle their children  for the online school at home:


a. Communicate with your child:  This is very important, if you are excited and happy about being a part of the school from home ,the child would mirror the excitement to join the session. Preschoolers learn a lot by observing you.

b. Be patient:  It can become challenging for few children to sit through the entire session for few days. Every child has his own pace of settling and adapting to the new situation. Eventually the child would settle and enjoy the fun learning experience

c. Be persistent:  Ensure you set a routine for the child and encourage the child to attend the sessions everyday without missing it.

d. Make them feel comfortable:  Initially, if needed give them short breaks between the session or let them have their own favorite toy with them throughout the session;

e. Participate: Be enthusiastic about participating in online classroom sessions.Parent can actively participate with the child and help involve the child in the classroom session. This would eventually help the child to settle early and look forward for the session.

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Written by:
Neha Tathed

32 thoughts on “Online School for Children”

  1. This blog surely gives a lot to think about and gives a new perspective to all the fellow parents!👏

  2. Well said in physical classes also children doesn’t sit at one place for long time so, here if they listen and not sit for class,that’s perfectly ohk, we can start with 10 min than increase accordingly. This will help child to learn in this situation also..

  3. Virtual classrooms are the need of time. As parents and teachers we should cooperate and make our children absorb to new way teaching.
    Tips given in the blog are very helpful for parents to know how the virtual classrooms must be.
    Thankyou Jumpstart.

    1. So well written. This is the need of the current situation. Much needed guidance for parents.

  4. Visual learning is really helping us alot..
    We are learning new techniques which are really interesting. Thank you for the tips.
    Children are loving it.

    1. We are learning new techniques which help making our teachings more interesting and challenging where we can keep children intact. Thank you Jumpstart !!

  5. Great tips shared for settling kids for online classes.parameter given will be really helpful foe selecting best virtual school for children.thanks for sharing.

    1. Very informative blog, with the current situation it is important for parents like me to know about facts about online schooling..

  6. Choosing the right school for the child is one of the most important decisions that a parent has to make. This blog is really helpful for parents to choose the best virtual school. Very important points shared in this blog. Thank you Jumpstart

  7. Very well written it is clearing most of doubts and giving a better view about online classes

  8. Virtual classes are of great help in this pandemic.. Where the teachers and children can connect with each other… Learning never stops, it always finds its way.. Online classrooms helps parents to understand the actual thing going on in physical classroom. Here both parents and teacher both play a vital role in child’s growth and development.
    Well drafted.

  9. Very informative & useful blog for parents The online school is the ray of hope and light for parents to engaged their child’s productively daily and best platform for children to meet and interact with their friends and teachers.
    The parameters to choose the best virtual school is amazing, it really gives the best guidlines for parents
    The tips how to settle their child for online school at home are really helpful
    Wonderful blog thanks for sharing

  10. There is a big behavioral shift in the parents’ mindset towards learning online. This blog helps in making the right choice. Great write-up

  11. Well stated! In life we undergo many changes and it actually makes us more flexible. Some children may adopt changes quickly while some may not. As a responsible parent we should always give them their time to adopt the changes. Coming to the learning part, the education system has progressed a lot, if we think back of early system of education hence molding children into the new environment the above tips stated in the blog will surely be fruitful. Learning never has an end… .Thank you for sharing the information.

  12. Nicely written blog, informative enough for parents. It’s a new way of interacting with children, it’s time to change and experience this new digital way of learning.

  13. Nicely written blog about the virtual classrooms. This new way of teaching gives children a chance to be more confident and also increases the patient level by taking chance.. The blog has shared wonderful tips to settle down children for online classroom.

  14. Nicely written blog, Informative enough for parents. It’s a new of interacting with children, it’s time to experience a digital way of learning through virtual classrooms.

    1. Well explained blog!! I agree with point F, it is very important. These online session help parents as well in all aspects.

  15. A very nice blog related to the current situation and a different form of learning for the children. Good tips jotted down and seem to be very helpful in this situation. Thank you jumpstart for this blog and all the best for spreading goodness and learning through the virtual classroom !!

  16. Virtual classes is need now a days seeing the scenario. Very well written blog and very informative.

  17. Very well said – Tough times call for tough measures!
    As parents ‘online schooling’ program can be challenging for preschoolers but acceptance comes naturally to children.

    Thank you Jumpstart for keeping the little ones engaged in this current lockdown.

  18. Very very nicely written blog. Online school is the need of the hour and we have to find ways to cope with it and these tips are wonderful

  19. Virtual classes is need now a days seeing the scenario. Very well written blog and very informative.
    Nice way to keep to the child engaged very well written really nice

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