Kneading Dough


Play dough is perfect for strengthening the muscles in little hands. They will use these fine-motor skills later for handwriting, cutting, coloring.

Sensory tools promote play and allow children to slow down and have fun while using their creativity.

Think of all they do with it to build those muscles: roll, flatten, chop, cut, poke, squash, pinch, cut, pound, and manipulate

Lets check out the video….

Parental Involvement: Medium

 20 mins

Skills Acquired :
a. Improves fine motor skills
b. Develops imagination
c. Helps gain strength and dexterity in fingers


a. Tray
b. All purpose flour
c. Water
d. Food Colour

a.Assist your child to mix the flour , water and few drops of food colour
b. Let your child mix and Knead the dough, parents can assist the child during the kneading process

How to Play?
Let your child enjoy and experiment making different shapes and figures out of it.

We had a little star doing it for all you😀… Check join her and learn!


Now, as you are tired of kneading the dough, lets open the treasure box of books:

Book chest

6 thoughts on “Kneading Dough”

  1. Amazing activity! Very interesting way to get the child engaged. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Excellent activity for kids … good for their fine motor skills…. keeps child busy and engaged for long time

  2. One of the best sensory activity to keep the children busy. Children love such type of activity.
    It helps to develop their fine motor skill
    strengthen their muscles which later on help for handwriting, colouring also develop their imagination and creativity skill.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Childern love this activity of Kneading Dough. They enjoy and experiment making different shapes and figures out of it. It helps to strengthen their muscles which they use later for handwriting, cutting and coloring.

    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this wonderful activity.

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