How to Teach the Internet Etiquette to Your Child

How to Teach the Internet Etiquette to Your Child

In today’s digital age children are introduced to the internet and electronic gadgets at a very tender age. In fact, a lot of parents expose their babies to the web right when they are born. When the internet has become an inseparable part of our daily livelihood it is crucial to inculcate certain  internet etiquettes in the children.

However, being a parent all of us know that teaching manners and etiquettes to today’s children isn’t as easy as “please” and “thank you.” In fact, when it comes to the internet and the online world, they would teach us a thing or two.

So, how would you teach them the Netiquettes!

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FYI A person’s behavior when communicating on the Internet (net) is called ‘Netiquette’ as per the modern internet language (slang).

Good Manners Begin at Home: The basic behavioral rules of our everyday physical life also apply in online space. And, the process of teaching etiquette and manners of any sort to your children should begin at home. Moreover, the children spend most of their time with their parents, and at times they are the ones who place their gadgets and smartphones in the child’s hand. So, parents should be the primary source of teaching both offline and online manners to the children. Do not presume that the school is going to take care of everything.

Start Early & Build the Foundation: Start working with your child at an early age to build the basic foundation by instilling traits such as asking “please” and saying “thank you”. Further, you can nurture the qualities of respect, kindness, honesty, self-esteem and thoughtfulness in your children. This will help develop a solid character in your child and lay the foundation for life-long survival skills, that can be useful in the physical and virtual world too.

Be A Good Role Model: Beware; you are being watched! Children are like sponges; they soak up everything that is around them. Even if you won’t notice it, they will absorb all your actions and mimic those in their behavior and response to daily things. And the same applies to your online behavior too. So, it is the parents’ responsibility to set the right example both offline and online.

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The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want them to treat you! 

Now, this is one rule that all of us have grown up listening and learning from our parents, elders and teachers. Isn’t it? And considering the number of online conversations we have nowadays, it applies to the web world as well. Teach your children to be polite and well-mannered with their online counterparts. Make them understand that they must not post or discuss sensitive or potentially volatile issues online. Rather if it’s very important, have a conversation with the person directly. Also, talk about what a good friendship must be like. And tell them how it is applicable in the online world as well.

Happy Parenting!

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  1. The golden rules play an important role in our lives . Children need to learn good manners weather online or offline . Truly said we grew up listening and learning from our parents . Thank you Jumpstart to share this wonderful blog .

  2. Internet can have wonderful benefits for children but also has its share of risks. Its very important to encourage good internet etiquettes from a very young age. Very well written piece.

  3. Well written blog. Not only children but everyone in the family should follow some discipline while using the technology. Everything in moderation makes life easy. Thanks for sharing

  4. Technology and internet is extremely useful in this generation but as the blog suggests we should follow and teach our children etiquette’s and manners. These are the basics of well brought up children and these rules must be followed. This can then be extended to internet and online etiquettes as well.

  5. Very well worded. I agree that along with children everyone should follow manners with respect to technology..

  6. Internet uses skill is a double-edged sword skill and thus in today’s era, it is very important to teach the internet Etiquette to our children. This blog is really helpful for all the parents. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    1. Very true, Good manners begin at home.so,we as a parents have to be very careful for every actions of our. Absolutely agree with the golden rule .a well written blog

  7. Yes Internet has its pros and cons too. It is upto us how we take. So as a parent we must follow its etiquette seeing us our children will do the same.
    Well written blog.

  8. Very well written blog… It’s important to follow certain discipline while using technology. It’s true that from the early age, children should follow these manners too… Thanks for sharing

  9. Well written! The phrase “good manners begin at home” itself says a lot. The golden rules were nicely presented and I am certain each parent out there is going to keep note of that.

  10. Very well written blog, information shared is truly useful. It’s important to imbibe right etiquette at right time about the most powerful tool in today’s world.

  11. Teaching children about Netiquettes is very important in the present lifestyle. The golden rule can be truly fruitful. Well written blog and helpful for all the ages.

  12. Teaching etiquette & manners to the children begin at home Totally agree that Parents are primary souce of teaching both offline and online manners Yes, we also grew up listening and learning from our parents.

  13. A blog written with correct pointers with respect to all individuals and not just the child. Nice and useful information provided to teach children internet etiquette. Thank you for sharing a important and a helpful blog.

  14. Everyone must keep note of the golden rule! A very informative and well written blog! Loved it:)

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