How to Make Your Child Cyber Safe??

How to Make Your Children Cyber Safe

In today’s techno-savvy age, it is close to impossible to keep your child away from gadgets and the rise of internet usage has only made the situation worse however we must make our children Cyber Safe!

The online world is a great place to hang out, find a variety of information and stay in touch with your friends and family.

It has brought the world way too close. Just as in the real world, there are dangerous people and things in the cyberspace as well! Threats like online stalkers, cyberbullies, child molesters, unsafe content etc. are prowling over the internet waiting to reach your children resulting in life-long harm.


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Here are a few examples of how the internet can become a risky place for your child:


a. 1 in 5 children have been sexually solicited on the internet

b. 1 in 4 have has accidentally or unintentionally seen pornography

c. 3 in 5 have received an email or message from an unknown contact

d. 1 in 2 have replied to those emails or messages

Here are a few suggestions that can help ensure safe internet usage for your child:



Monitor your child’s online activity closely:

Yes, it is impractical to keep an eye on your child all the time, but making efforts to do so will benefit him/her.

Place the computer in a commonplace:

By doing so you will be able to keep the children at bay from inappropriate activity and content on the internet.

Spend time online with them:

Get involved in activities like helping your child search for information or assisting with their homework online. Make sure to keep the Google search filter on “SAFE.”

Set internet and device usage time limits:

Setting a time limit on how long he/she uses the internet/smartphone/computer can help discipline your child.

Discuss the threats of the internet with your child:

It is not just important to inculcate good habits in your child but also making him/her understand the dangers is also crucial. Make them aware of the things they should avoid on the web and stay away from.

Set up parental controls on your computers and mobile devices:

Get parental control software/applications installed. This will help block and filter unwanted websites and web content.

Be a role model:

Generally, children closely observe and imitate their parents. So, if they see you glued to the internet most of the time, you know what they are going to do!

Today, when education itself has gone online, it is impossible to keep your children away from the internet, but the aforementioned points can help keep them safe from the vicious world.

Happy Parenting!!!

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  1. Keeping a child cyber safe is as important as any of the habits or development milestones. These tips are on point and will be very useful if practiced with children and definitely being a role model will truly show amazing results. Much needed blog. Very well written

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