How do I manage my time as a mother???


What is the definition of being a mother? You enter this life of motherhood when you welcome your child in your life and it all starts when your baby murmurs ‘mama’. Well, everyone has their own version to tell.


The life of a working women:


All around the world today there are thousands and in fact millions of working mothers. Having a child and a home to look after, cooking food, other household chores and especially coping up with the work is enough to have on ones plate.

At one or other point in life you might feel as if you cannot do justice to either, it certainly is incorrect if you are trying your best.

One place you might be lacking in and that is your managing you time. Ideally you should be asking questions to yourself

a. Why and how am I losing control of time?

b. How should I manage time

c. Most importantly, how to get a good ‘me time’ which surely every woman out there needs


Life surely gives everyone lemons but one should know how and how much to squeeze it into this life of blank water to make it taste a little better.



The valve of motherhood:

a. Being a mother is one task you are not paid for because the worth of being a mother is much more than money

b. The value of a mother is much more than anyone can state in figures, it cannot be price tagged. Motherhood is a bliss which we should all cherish

c. Besides being a mother, being a working woman and being self sufficient is an equally important part of your life that you must give an apt amount of time

The art of time management:


a. The art of giving time is all hidden in the fact of your priorities and your understanding of placing things under the conditions of how important they are and also by giving things on your to-do list a deadline to reach

b. First thing you might want to do to follow the above tip is preparing a ‘To-Do’ list

c. We all are for sure tech-savy, taking this as an advantage we should look up our phones, go to notes and prepare a list with a reminder which somewhere or the other might help you keep track and hopefully complete all the activities planned for the day

d. You need to close your home office door and leave work. It’s all about being present, or mindful, in whatever role you are currently in. you should keep focus and reduce distractions and time wasters

e. You can also spend quality time with your family by planning some fun activities that you can sit and do together and bond over

f. The idea of planning and doing things in advance Work weeks are when most of us tend to be the busiest. By preparing for Monday’s arrival.  You can ease the stress of the week ahead

g. Keep a family calendar posted on the fridge. On Sunday, look at what’s on tap for the weekend plan how you are going to manage the week

h. Where you can, make meals on the weekend and put them in the refrigerator or freezer for a quick reheat on a busy evening. This can be an activity where you can involve and enlist your older children’s help

i. Before shopping for groceries, get your cookbooks out and make a list of several meals for the following week and make your grocery list from your menu list. After work stress is often more in deciding what to make for supper than in actually making it. If you go home for lunch, do some initial meal preparation then so that it cuts down on your after-work meal prep time

In this course you can also build rituals in your life in essence that you should schedule time to ensure that family time happens. Establish a family movie or games night. Make meal time sacred family time when you sit down together for dinner and take turns sharing the day’s events

The golden rule:



a. The golden rule here is to take time for yourself. Taking time for yourself has to be priority. It’s something you should do no matter how tired you are

b. Drag yourself out the door to your fitness class, afterwards you will be in better humor and happy that you did something for yourself

c. Have your one favorite show a week and protect that time. After you tuck children in bed, make that bowl of popcorn and sit down and watch your weekly drama. Get out of the office over lunch, go for a walk and feel the sun on your face

d. If you take care of yourself, you will be better able to take care of those you love and deal with the stress that a busy schedule brings

e. Remember and keep in mind that work is only one part of you. We only go around once, so it’s important to enjoy your life and time for fun. Look for opportunities to enjoy life both at home and work

f. You sure are juggling a number of roles and goals in your life, just do it with fun and all your heart!

Just keep trying harder everyday and it’s okay if you make mistakes but make better ones every time

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  1. truly said motherhood ia a bliss and should be cherished. Importantly a mother should give time to her ownself especially the working mother and apply the golden rules which are very well executed in the blog.

    1. Very interesting article… The most important point I liked about it is that after fulfilling all the roles, as specially the role of a mother, it is equally important to have some ‘Me Time’ for ourselves. It happens that in the long run of the regular schedule set by us we tend to neglect ourselves. Time management will surely help us do that. Thank you for the tips on the same… Very helpful blog👍

  2. These situations of time management are something which are faced by teachers as well when they tackle school and come home tired. These tips are really interesting and useful for every working woman and will very positively help in reducing that work stress and make it a happier day

  3. Motherhood is a bliss and can relate completely as I am a mother. It is absolutely essential to have a good balance between your work and time for your child. Very well points put forth in the blog.

  4. It’s a real time task in today’s life to play both roles of being a mother and working at the same time. Playing a role of mother in itself is a happiness which is cherished for rest of our life’s. Very well written blog to manage our roles and responsibilities, whereas it’s very important to take care of ourselves as well.

  5. A very appropriate and related blog about how to manage time and work. Good tips shared and helpful for me. Being a working woman the golden rules and art of time management shared in this blog is indeed a great help to all. Thanks for such an amazing blog Jumpstart.

  6. Very well written blog,truly said motherhood is a bliss and should be Cherished.The art of time management tips will surely help every mother.

  7. Very well written
    After executing all the roles in busy schedule especially as mother it is very difficult to take sufficient time for ourselves But with help of beautiful tips on time management and Golden rules it will easlily

  8. A very well written blog. Very interesting and helpful tips given.
    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this amazing blog.

  9. Very interesting read. Especiallyvat a time like this when wenhave oir hands full. Helpful tips shared. Thank you

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