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Did you ever get ‘Puzzled’ in your childhood ???

Well… Its time to relive the moment with your children!. Solving Puzzles is a great way of engaging young children in productive activities.

It is super fun for children and it stimulates thinking in them and also gives them a sense of achievement once the puzzle is ready.­čśÄ ┬áOvercoming the challenges involved in solving puzzles gives them a sense of pride and self-esteem.

In a nutshell, puzzles are very important in assisting the children to develop emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills.

So are you ready to get Puzzled ­čĄ¬????. Lets check out our video:


Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 20 mins

Skills Acquired : 
a. Improved Memory Solving puzzles helps reinforce existing connections
b. Better Problem-Solving Skills
c. Improved Visual-Spatial Reasoning
d. More Education Opportunities
e. Increased IQ
f. Delay Dementia and Alzheimer’s
g. Improved Mood
h. Lower Stress Levels

Materials :

a. Puzzle Pieces
b. Reference Picture

How to play??

Let your child arrange the puzzle pieces according to reference picture.

After getting puzzled lets see if you are ready to play with shapes:

My way to shape it

14 thoughts on “Get Puzzled”

  1. Very interesting activity. Great to help with logical reasoning in early ages of childhood.

  2. Nice blog. To get children distracted from the smart-phones and engaging them in puzzel sloving will surely be helpful and the benifits are more promising. thank you for sharing the idea.

  3. Puzzles are really interesting part of learning…
    Helps alot in developing childrens IQ.. Fun learning.. Great blog jumpstart

  4. Solving puzzle is a great activity which involves hand and eye coordination. Puzzles are important for children to develop emotional,cognitive and physical skills. Nice idea put up in this blog.

  5. A great way to boost their imagination through puzzle pieces. A game that each child should play. Puzzle pieces act like a brain gym activity which process their thinking power and help accelerate them uniformly. Thank you jumpstart for sharing this easy yet mindful activity for children.

  6. Not only are puzzles fun but they also help with developing emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills. Great tips shared in the blog.

  7. Puzzles are super fun for children.
    Great way to engage little ones in productive activities. It helps to develop emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills.
    Thank you Jumpstart for sharing this blog.

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