“ACCEPTANCE”… A simple yet powerful action!

Our CEO,talks about the power of Acceptance of emotions and the happiness and peace it can get to our loves!

She gives an example of her child: Looking at her 6 year old child throw tantrum, There were various emotions that triggered her mind..

The first emotion that triggered her was that she will be able to  manage  her child however when she was unable to do that, her emotion changed to irritation and then to a state of anger.

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Similarly, her child was also undergoing different emotions. Right from thinking that nobody understands her to the level of getting frustrated and upset

This happen with us in our daily lives while interacting with adults as well. It is natural for emotions to get triggered because of certain situations and experiences!

However it is a learnt behavior to understand how to manage emotions!

The Mantra of acceptance:

a. Successful people and leaders understand of their own emotions. They can accept and alter their emotions based on the environment and situation

b. They have high acceptance which leads to high emotional intelligence

c. Real education should be about helping children to master their own emotions

d. This can be done by embracing all kinds of emotions. This is possible by accepting the negative emotions and converting them into positive

e. It is okay to feel a negative emotion, but true power lies in converting a negative emotion into a positive one by acceptance


Few amazing examples of converting emotions:

a.  Covert fear into courage

b. Anger into tolerance

b. Jealously into inspiration

c. Hurt into forgiveness just by one magical wand of “Acceptance”

Every time you don’t feel up to the mark; ask yourself

“what is that you are not accepting ?”

Your power lies there… in acceptance!”


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Written by:
Sneha Tapadiya

9 thoughts on ““ACCEPTANCE”… A simple yet powerful action!”

  1. Beautifully written. Acceptance is indeed a powerful tool which everyone should learn to inculcate in their lives. When complaints become acceptance is when things become so much easier

  2. Acceptance is one of the most powerful action which ones applied will change all the negative thoughts into positive. Well drafted blog and the Mantra surely is beneficial. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog.

  3. “Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery.”

    Amazing and inspiring blog!!

  4. Beautifully written blog. We need to help children develop the serenity to accept the things they cannot change. This is a very important life skill. Great tips shared.

  5. “True power lies in converting a negative emotion into a positive one by acceptance” wonderful lines by Sneha Tapadia Madam.
    Thank you Jumpstart for this wonderful blog.

  6. Such a lovely blog. Mantra of acceptance and converting emotions is indeed important and well stated. A very Good read.

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