A bag full of Surprises


Does your child love surprises ??? What surprise gift can be better than a bag full of activities which will keep your child engaged?

All this bag needs is, a little time and creativity…

This is a great activity to develop fine motor control, coordination, concentration and learning about colours. Sorting and Matching Colours is simple to set up and will arouse any child’s curiosity to play and have fun.

Lets see how to make one…

Parental Involvement: Low

Duration: 30 mins

Materials required:

1. Colour papers
2. U pins
3. Scissors
4. Pouch
5. Marker

Instructions for Colour  Squabble:

  1. Cut the colour paper into small squares (Let one side of it be with a colour and keep the other side of it white)
  2. laminate your cards to make sire it is sturdy and long lasting
  3. Cut 5 circles from the coloured paper
  4. Name the coloured circles 1 to 5
  5. Put the circles, U pins and squares in the pouch

Curious bag is ready!!!!


How to Play???


Activity 1: Colour Match activity:

Ask the child place the coloured U pin on the matching square

Activity 2:  Number colour match:

1.Take the numbered circles and Upins
2. Let the child count and place the Upins according to the number and colours on the circles

Activity 3: Linking U pins:

Let the child link the Upins  to one another to make a big chain

Activity 3: Memory game:

1.Take the coloured squares
2. Make sure the coloured side of the squares are facing down
3. Let the child choose 2 squares at a time and see if the colour matches

Activity 4: Decorate your card:

Let the child decorate the card by attaching the Upins on the coloured square paper

Try this to have more fun:

Threads and Needles

12 thoughts on “A bag full of Surprises”

  1. Children are tend to be attracted by surprises, their curious mind always go ahead beyond the horizon to explore the world of new things. Hence the activity in the above blog can be helpful to grow their curiousness about new learning. Well planned activities and age appropriate. 👍

  2. The activity mentioned in the blog is self explanatory on why is it called a bag full of surprises. A bag full of activities is all that you need to engage children..Curious bag is easy to make and will surely be fun for your child. Thank you jumpstart for such a useful blog.

  3. Lovely activities with minimum parents involvement. Thank you jumpstart for such useful blog

  4. What a fun and interesting activity. Children can chose things that interest them and make a fun bag of their own. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very interesting activity. Thank you for making sure we stay busy and creative during these times by constantly sharing such wonderful ideas. Great work Team Jumpstart

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