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Free outdoor play is regarded as the most important tool for brain development and for allowing the child to develop his/her imagination , social skills and physical abilities.

As compared to the last generation, today’s children tend to spend more time indoors be it with gadgets, television, online games / classes or playing with themselves. What could be the reason….???.It is because of fewer opportunities to play with building mates, no social circle,no play area or simply lack of interest by parents to step out in their busy schedule.

However according to the recent studies outdoor play is extremely crucial and the need of the hour.  It’s like now or never especially with the younger children.

Outdoor play improves physical development. Physical skills are important for growth, physical coordination and the movement of the body.
When children play outdoors they increase their ability to balance, jump, climb, throw, run and skip.


a. Children get confident:

Free play involves every part of a child’s being; mind, body, and soul. Through this play style, children are able to naturally explore their physicality as well as engage in independent learning. The result is a child who is building their confidence, self-efficacy, self-esteem all while having fun.

b. Reduces childhood stress and anxiety:

Over-protection from having ever been exposed to risk-taking activities can actually increase a child’s anxiety all the way into adulthood. Because free play inherently encourages a level of risk-taking with relatively low-stakes, it is the perfect opportunity for children to get these experiences under their belts.

c. Increases empathy:

Through imaginary play, children can put themselves in all sorts of situations, thus exploring new roles and the feelings that come with them. By engaging in free play with their friends, their cooperation, sharing, helping, and empathy skills will grow by the game.

d. Children recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations:

Children need to be able to identify a situation that is genuinely threatening, whether it is on the playground or in their future adult lives. Many experts believe that this ability starts young, and comes from the type of risk-taking and self-challenges that occur during free play.



Here are few suggestions which shall help you as a parent to get going :


a. Ensure that you arrange regular play dates with your friends
b. Join a ground activity like athletics, tennis or basketball
c. If your child is too young take him/ her to nearby parks , mountain trails, at least thrice a week
d. Limit screen time and give them extrinsic motivation for outdoor play
e. Mark areas in your building with hopscotch. Play simple games like four corners, Hide and seek , Jumping ,  Simon says
f. Give them a lot of exposure to outdoor activities, be rest assured they will definitely find one of them interesting
g. Expose them to skipping , skating , cycling which helps build stamina
h. Participate in kids marathon, happy streets or any upcoming activities by schools to motivate the child


“ Remember children are great imitators, so give them something great to imitate “ 


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Written by:
Chaitali Neurgaonkar

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  1. Outdoor play are very important for overall development of child. The suggestions and tips are very worth.
    Thankyou Jumpstart for sharing this blog.

  2. Yes outdoor play has to be part of every child’s life the benefits of it are stated very specifically in the blog. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very well written blog

    Outdoor free play is extremely important for overall development of child.
    Suggestions given in this blog are amazing which really helpful for parents

    Thanks for sharing

  4. There are several physical responses our bodies have to being in nature. So it is very important for us and children to have oudoor play or activity. Great tips shared

  5. Consistent exposure to nature decreases stress and anxiety, helps elevate mood, and helps with emotion. Great ideas shared how we can encourage it among children.

  6. Outdoor plays are very essential for a better growth and development of the child.
    Very well written blog. I truly agree to each and every point.

  7. Outdoor play is something each and every child loves and these factors definitely will help children very well. Amazing blog

  8. Outdoor play and free play helps children to develop their learning abilities, creativity, health, social skills etc. Great ideas shared in the blog which is helpful for all the parents.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. Very helpful to encourage children for outdoor plays. They will understand the importance of the healthy body and mind.

  10. Outdoor plays are very essential for a better growth and development of the child.
    Very well written blog. I truly agree to each and every point.

  11. This article is awesome, you have integrated everything very nicely in this post, really appreciated… Of course, outdoor activities are very important…But the pandemic going on so after playing the outdoor games, Proper hygiene is also very necessary for kids…Being a STEM blogger here’s my collection of best hygiene activities for kids, combined with STEM. Check them out to prevent your kids from COVID — https://kidpillar.com/8-best-hygiene-stem-activities-for-kids/

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