Why a Good Preschool infrastructure is important for your child?

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Going to a good preschool onsets entry into the world of education for a child. It influences children’s personality development and helps create a strong foundation for their future.

Moreover, a preschool should be able to encourage children to learn through a variety of interactive and creative activities. 

Therefore, it is imperative for parents to choose a preschool where the child can learn and grow in a conducive environment.

The infrastructure of a preschool or daycare centre plays a vital role in building such an atmosphere.

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Factors to consider in a preschool’s infrastructure:

Spacious Facility:

a. If the children are put into cramped areas during their growth years, it can hamper their overall development.

b. Hence, it is important that the preschool has ample space for your child to move, play as well as explore and experience new things. The design at Jumpstart assures same 


Make Believe:

a. Also called pretend play, is a form of symbolic play where children use objects, actions or ideas to represent other objects, actions, or ideas using their imaginations. This way of imaginative play promotes a child’s development while helping them learn new dramatic play ideas, activities and games.

b. At Jumpstart we engage children through 60+ experiential events throughout the year to spur their imagination and encourage overall growth. 

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Outdoor Activities:

a. Physical activity and outdoor play are crucial for a child’s comprehensive development. All our centres have a dedicated and spacious outdoor area for the children to play.

b. This area is equipped with state-of-the-art play equipment and infrastructure along with ensuring safety and security.


Child-friendly premises:

a. When children play and move around hurriedly, carefulness is the last thing on their mind. Due to which they can fall, bump into things and get hurt.

b. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the complete infrastructure is child-friendly and safe. At Jumpstart, the premises are tailor-made with cushioned carpets, soft edges, child-level tables, chairs, basins etc.


Interactive classrooms:

a. A classroom is one of the most important areas in a preschool because it is the area where a child is introduced to education. Therefore, it needs to be educational, safe, and forever engaging.

b. At Jumpstart, the well-lit, spacious and air-conditioned classrooms are a place where a child’s imagination thrives and a lifetime of learning begins. The rooms are painted in bright colours with interactive and sensorial walls.

Jumpstart International Preschool with campuses at Aundh, Baner, Bhosale Nagar, Karve Road, Kalyani Nagar, Nigdi, Nyati County is one of the leading Preschool & daycare centres in Pune. 


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9 thoughts on “Why a Good Preschool infrastructure is important for your child?”

  1. Very well written. Infrastructure plays a very important role while choosing a preschool as it defines child’s interest and safety aspects
    Jumpstart has the perfect infrastructure in terms of looks, safety and excitement.

  2. Good infrastructure preschool is very much important as in to know the child interest as well the for safety. It’s also helps the child to learn through a lot of interactive and creative activities.

  3. Every Child has an explorer mind, they tend to go beyond imagination and if we try to fit the child in a compact environment they would loose the exploring behavior and may not be able to feel comfortable.So it’s really important to enroll the child into a good infrastructural preschool and Jumpstart truely assures to meet this aspect along with safety measures.

  4. Infrastructure is an important aspects in terms of choosing a right pre-school which has ample space for conducting several activities, and also attracts the child looking around the premises and getting positive energy while they enter. Along with the outer look, inner look about the safety of child and also different activities conducted helps in choosing a correct preschool. A Nice Blog.
    Thank you Jumpstart.

  5. Infrastructure is very important as its define child safty and interest.with a good infrastructure ones get very positive feeling once you enter the place.

  6. Infrastructure is important for child physical activity. Ample space creates positive energy.. Mindfulness towards everything

  7. Infrastructure is an very important aspect of school band having children friendly encourage them to believe in themselves and explore and experience new things

  8. Facilities like extracurricular workshops, spacious rooms, games equipment, assembly area and proper sanitation facilities are some of the infrastructure essentials that every school should provide to its students. And am happy to say that Jumpstart checks all the right boxes.

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