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Our dynamic core team member, Ms Shruti Athara, talks about the benefits of Visual learning at Jumpstart.

What comes in your mind when I say the word ‘School’?

Honestly, for me it was just too many classrooms, students, a play area, a big blackboard in every class, colorful chalks and our class teachers.

Our teachers used to teach us, by writing all the syllabus on the board from the text and we copied the same in our notebooks.

Our only target was to make sure that our notes were complete and we had to learn whatever was written in it so that we could clear our examinations and score well.Sadly, this is how it has always been.

Fortunately, now the time has changed. The mission for children is not to score well in their semesters but to explore new surroundings, gain knowledge in a fun way, try something new daily and make studies more interesting and valuable.

One of the best ways is Visual learning in schools. If your child is one who is flicking through the leaves of a book and playing with shapes and letters. He may also display a high level of observation and often enjoy doodling and drawing.

Visual learning strategies such as graphic organizers, diagrams, outlines and more are being used in classrooms across paired with the brain’s capacity for images, visual learning strategies help students better understand and retain information.

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The Advantages of Visual Learning:

  1. Help store information longer
  2. Make communication quicker and simpler
  3. Aid better comprehension
  4. Act as stimulators for emotions
  5. Drives motivation
  6. Unsuitable visuals equals unhappy learners

A team of neuroscientists from MIT has found that the human brain can process entire images that the eye sees for as little as 13 milliseconds — the first evidence of such rapid processing speed. That speed is far faster than the 100 milliseconds suggested by previous studies.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember to involve me and I Learn.”


Written by:
Shruti Athara

11 thoughts on “Visual learning at Jumpstart”

  1. Rightly said Visuals have longer impact not even to children but to adults also. The best examples are movies or cartoon we remember for longer duration of time. At Jumpstart visual learning concept is used in wide area. The charts of co lours, shapes, numbers and many more charts. In additions other class appropriate visual displays we are able to see.

  2. Very well written blog by Shruti ma’am, children always imitate through visualization. Jumpstart gives children this wonderful opportunity to learn and remember the syllabus from visual learning. Thank you !!

  3. So true. Correctly written by Shruti. At Jumpstart children are very lucky to have visual technology as a learning process as it definitely helps them leaner so much faster and with much more interest. With time, we should definitely upscale our teaching methods.

  4. Well drafted blog Shruti. We should go hand in hand with the changing time and the technique. Education is something that we can gain only when we are interested. Hence to bring fun in learning, new and innovative methods should be adopted. And Jumpstart always have given top priority to innovative learning.

  5. Great blog. Children nowadays need to be enrcouraged to use technology. Love how in Jumpstart, it is being used to help them be creative and educates them at the same time.

  6. Such an innovative way of learning for children.. They whole heartily enjoy such learnings. And I totally agree to your statement of “Fortunately time has changed” and children now get exposure to all things Other than books. Very well written blog.

  7. Very well written Shruti
    Totally agree that visual learning strategies help children to understand better and retain information for longer time.Very interesting way to learn and children really enjoy it.
    Jumpstart has given such a wonderful opportunity to our children.
    Nice blog

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