The Benefits Of Pretend Play

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Our CEO, talks about how imagination-driven/pretend play builds your young child’s developmental skills.

She believes that she is a teacher and she is proud to be one!!!

The wish or the aspiration to become a teacher was incepted in her childhood.

It was during one of the pretend play of “Teacher Teacher” where she used to engage in as a child.

She loved pretending to be a teacher and make all her friends as her students.

She learnt the basic skill of negotiation when she got to play the role she wished for

Pretend play was not only a source of play but it also helped her to develop  imagination, language skills, social skills and creative thinking skills.

Hours and days of enacting to be an educator as a child helped her to master the art of teaching and helped her make the teaching process centric towards the learner. Role plays have a very crucial role in early years.

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Importance of Pretend Play:

a. It helps a children to associate themselves to the real world and helps develop connections with the outside world

b. The child develops the cognition to understand different situations

c. Children come up with creative solutions to the problems

d. Also while engaging in cooperative play with other children , child learns to wait for his/ her turn

e. The child also learns the value to share while playing


Jumpstart_Pretend Play

Pretend play is a very natural way of learning and it should be part of everyday learning

Little did I know, that those make believe plays of teacher as a child would be an actual part of my life as an adult!

I am few of the blessed ones who continues to extend my childhood pretend play as part of my adult life too!

It is a blessing to be a teacher I am grateful to all my children and team members who help me continue my role play of teacher and learner!

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Written by:
Sneha Tapadiya

9 thoughts on “The Benefits Of Pretend Play”

  1. Pretend play make child problem solving,they learn the value of sharing and also develop their language skills, imagination,social skills and creative thinking.thanks for sharing the blog.

  2. Pretend play is indeed one of the most important and interesting forms of play as it totally explores a child’s imagination and also decides a huge part of their future.

  3. Pretend play truly inculcate the value like sharing and also it becomes easy for the children to understand even the most complicated concepts.

  4. Pretend play creates situations in which not everyone gets what they want. It boosts development of problem solving and self-regulation skills. Lovely blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great write up. Pretend play allows children to explore and create new worlds. Great for creativity and socio emotional growth.

  6. Very interesting blog. Yes pretend play is essential for growth of child’s imagination power, decision making, language skills . Thank you for sharing this amazing activity.

  7. Excellent blog
    Pretend play is very natural way of learning & should be part of every day learning which enhanced child’s cognitive, imagination, creative, language skill, also make them more social and matured to deal with outside world .
    Thanks jumpstart for sharing an amazing blog

  8. Very informative blog. Pretend play is very important for the development of child’s imagination, language and creativity.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing blog

  9. Very interesting blog. Yes pretend play is essential for growth of child’s imagination power, decision making, language skills

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